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X Factor- And along came Reggie n Bollie!!!
At first glance you might think I’m joking however I’m actually being extremely serious because Reggie N Bollie have lifted the X Factor's vibration. The X Factor has been running for an infinite number of years- at least you would think so when you listen to the contestants who tend to sing the same old songs in their own unique styles- ‘Well done xxx you made that song your own.’ This of course begs the question, how much of ‘your own’ is down to the mentor and coach?  Of course some contestants really are exceptional; Sean Miley Moore being a case in point having a very individual style, charisma and a great voice. How he was voted out so early beats me- however seeing Olly Murs make a huge mistake when he announced that someone (whose name I am not going to look up- so forgettable) was leaving the show before the public result had been revealed, does makes you wonder. In fact, he repeated it twice which was not just embarrassing but must have really raised questions in everyone’s minds- particularly the contestant concerned who was told that she was indeed leaving. If we were giving the X Factor the benefit of the doubt that the show isn’t fixed, Olly blew it!

Great showmanship should be key to the X Factor and Mason Noise proved he had showmanship when he conducted his first audition. Unfortunately this was coupled with a pretty obnoxious streak associated with many a diva which arose when he pushed too hard offending Simon, throwing his toys out of the pram- or should I say Mic on the floor. Mason was publicly ousted from the show however eventually forgiven on some ‘legitimate’ grounds and entered the live rounds having eaten humble pie. Humble pie clearly didn’t agree with Mason as it sapped his spirit and his performances nose-dived.  Actually I believe that Mason probably has what it takes to be a superstar therefore once he was boxed into a framework where he had to give up ownership of his craft to a team of professionals he lost his confidence, personality and true identity- the initial clips of Mason where outstanding and I’m sure he would deliver a great live show. You will be able to see his slot in the X Factor tour- the X Factor machine is not stupid so made sure to keep him in at that level as they did with Sean Miley Moore.

Reggie N Bollie

We have so many POTENTIAL superstars on the X Factor making stardom appear quite achievable- who knows, maybe there’s a great deal of room within the top realm of the music industry, challenging public perception! Last year, Ben Haenow won the competition taking the edge over Fleur East- hmmmm, and whose tune is backing adverts? Fleur’s funky song SAX which is super commercial and yes I love it- in bursts! I guess we’ll hear something from Ben soon too.

Now let’s consider today’s study in thankfulness- Reggie n Bollie: a breath of fresh air. I must say, having worked with duo J2G (Jamaica to Ghana,) I wasn’t that impressed with Reggie n Bollie in the first instance. J2G have an Afrobeats track out, ‘Waist Control’ and whilst I was info gathering for their bio, Ras Buba and D-Skin played me a few of their original tracks which were excellent and multi genre. These guys are signed to Urban Delight and are clearly talented. Had they entered the X Factor I’m sure they would have been great competition for Reggie n Bollie!  To its credit, X Factor has brought out the best in Reggie N Bollie whose enthusiasm sets Wembley alight every week as they adapt well known songs to their personal style. Managing this with a One Direction song is commendable and these two have the triple X factor- Energy, Enthusiasm and Charisma! They are definitely not the best singers in the competition and have so far failed to show any diversity however their performances are authentic bringing us carnival vibes every week. I think the crowds’ reaction to Reggie and Bollie each week shows how much this country is in need of genuine sunny vibes. Music is partly about feeling good and this show airs in the autumn/winter so we benefit from experiencing a little more happiness rather than just talent. I would love Reggie n Bollie to win this year as they are the most exciting act left in the competition- I expect the 16 year old will claim the title as she fits the pop format but who knows; maybe the powers that be would like to be a little less predictable and allow this charismatic duo to become a mega money making machine- after all, they’re going to be around for a long time to come.

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