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The Morning Star - Short Film~ ITS BRAAP REVIEW/ ANALYSIS

The Morning Star Film Review - LOOK OUT FOR:

Interview with actor Paul Van Beaumont coming SOON!
~ 'Billboard Perfect'  POEM based on a portrait of Paul Van Beaumont by German Zwanik

‘The Morning Star,’ – is definitely the thinking man’s gem of a film; written and produced by Azeem Mustafa, BeBop films. Having an inquisitive mind I was always a pain in Sunday school so it’s interesting to witness some similar ideas surfacing here in this ‘head to head’ between God and the Devil/Lucifer. I have to say that many key ideas are covered in a short space of time keeping you mentally attuned.
I really like the way both lead characters are played; in fact the film is extremely well acted and I applaud the concept. The laid back approach by Adrian Annis playing God is a brilliant contrast to Paul Van Beaumont’s modern take on the devil, whom he portrayed as a very astute businessman clearly with a schedule to adhere to! Lucifer appears to have the sharpest wit and seems in control of the situation, attacking God and putting him almost on the defensive- but not quite! The devil uses artful tactics that ultimately blame God for putting him in the position of dishing the dirt: ‘I am a soldier of a war I never got drafted into to... you drafted me, you made the first move.’ I feel like saying, ‘aint that the truth,’ because evil came from somewhere and man is made in God’s image which is reflected when we are angry, jealous or display other undesirable qualities.  When you think about it, good and evil are two sides of the same coin- a dual polarity and that is a fact of life.

Playing out these mind games with a chess set whilst their power is seen to control an innocent looking young lady (Skyrah Palli) works well, demonstrating the point of supernatural influences. The Morning Star works well as a conversation piece and also encourages to people think through a number of points and form their own opinions. The big question posed at the conclusion of the film is- why did God create everything in the first place? The answer given here is that God was lonely. I think this is partly right but equally, what good is power if you have no way of using it? Can you imagine how frustrated God would have become- or maybe already was prior to His creations- The Hulk times mega zillions! As Lucifer says,‘Perfection is boring and Paradise, over-rated.’ To me this is a great reflection of the truth because it is life’s challenges that make a man and paradise is partly on earth anyway- we just need greater awareness!

I have watched this film several times as it is challenging and enjoyable and am looking forward to Azeem's next film, 'Battle Creek Hackney' which will be released next year.

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  1. Very nice little piece of artwork. .maybe one day I will make a film out of an article I once wrote many years ago, called: The Lost Pages of the Bible.