Saturday, 12 December 2015

Be Braap~ Be Inspired!!! Real People~ Real Quotes!!

'If you judge People, you have no time to love them,' ~ Mother Teresa

I love this saying and Mother Teresa really gets to the essence of the matter.So many of us are inclined to judge people and these judgements affect our attitude. How does this happen? The power of words generate feelings and these feelings create attitudes within us. We often make snap judgements based upon our feelings and have no actual evidence to back our 'decisions' up. How many times do we judge and then discover we were wrong?

Love is about keeping an open mind. It is about accepting others as they are and not who we wish them to be. When we look at people through the eyes of love we become more tolerant and are more likely to focus on a person's positive aspects. We cannot eliminate the things we don't like, those irritations however strong focus keeps the irritants in the background not the foreground. Relationships tend to break down when we shift our focus and become absorbed in negative energy,

Practice keeping your focus on love and you will be an inspiration to others- Let Love Rule!

Jaz McKenzie

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