Sunday, 13 December 2015

Boulevard of Broken Dreams~ A Chill Out Poem by Jaz McKenzie

Oh boulevard of broken dreams lying shattered
At my feet in a million pieces.
A Jigsaw puzzle of hopes and aspirations
That can never be rebuilt following such fragmentation.
Instinctively I ask myself why- and the answer comes
Floating into my mind on butterfly wings,
Gently imparting a meaningful message.
It is not the dreams of the mind that are ordained to flourish
Rather, we need to nurture the yearnings of our soul
Knowing that the pathway of all true dreams should lead to joy.
Pure joy that is akin to the sentiment of love:
Joy that cannot be fulfilled by earthly desires,
Joy that is manifested through belief, desire and integrity,
Joy whose foundation is set in truth and love,
Joy that will arise from the boulevard of broken dreams
And rise like a phoenix from the flames of this life
Forging a pathway from our earthly presence
Into the wings of eternity- More love, more life.
An ever spinning circle of spiritual evolution
Leading to our highest form and true identity.

Jaz McKenzie ©2015

The above poem was written specifically for The Chill Out Zone on Buffaloo Radio and if you wish to hear me recite my poems we are live Wednesday's 7.30-9.30 pm GMT & the show is repeated every Sunday at the same time. I have set myself the challenge of writing a poem to fit in with a song title from the playlist each week and this is last week's poem based on Greenday's, 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams.' I have loved that phrase since the first time I heard it and now it's speaking directly to me. As you can see, the poem does not necessarily reflect the meaning of the song as it's important to allow creativity to follow its own course. If you would like more of a feel for the emphasis and rhythm, tune in- your feedback is most welcome!

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