Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas 1/365 Poem by Jaz McKenzie


Don’t just feel the love
Be love
Emanate love
Share love
Seek love
See everyone through the eyes of love
Live as an ambassador for love
Not just 1/365 but for all Eternity

Jaz McKenzie ©2015

This year's Christmas poem goes to the heart of Christmas which is love. Whatever your beliefs, most of us agree that love is key to our happiness and when we are grounded in love we are able to achieve much better in all areas of our lives. Love should be selfish in that we need to love and care for ourselves, and it should be selfless, whereby we make time to meet the needs of others. Practising ways to show different aspects of love would make a great New Years resolution.

This year our Christmas will be specially blessed here in the UK with a very rare appearance of the full moon on Christmas Day! This is truly special and I hope to witness it having seen the Blue moon and the Red Moon this year- WOW, no wonder 2015 has been a special if somewhat intense year. Let's keep our focus on our spiritual needs and live more in the higher conscious. That we can make the most of ourselves and be of service to others.

Christmas Blessings and enjoy yourselves!

Jaz McKenzie

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