Monday, 7 December 2015

Missing You~ The Chill Out Poem by Jaz McKenzie

Missing You
As seasons merge into seasons
And the years continue to blend
He’s missing her with a heart that beats
And time refuses to mend
He thought love was the answer
But her barriers remained intact
He tried to help a thousand times
Until his smile cracked

Pain is the name of the game that will reign
Unless he sets himself free
From the powerful grip of love over lies
That’s as strong as the waves in the sea
Her truths were only partially true
Protecting her inner core
There was nothing left on earth to do
That could help her anymore

He’s living in a slumber now
A cloud of blame and doubt
When all he needs is to raise his head
And let it all flow out
Just be responsible for himself
Taking the time to heal
True love is waiting in the wings
Of life’s ever spinning wheel

Jaz McKenzie ©2015

The Chill Out Zone started back on Buffaloo Radio last week and we are live Wednesday's 7.30-9.30 pm GMT & the show is repeated every Sunday at the same time. I have set myself the challenge of writing a poem to fit in with a song title each week and this is last week's poem based on 'I'll be Missing you'- P Diddy & Faith Hill. The poem will not necessarily reflect the meaning of the song as it's important to allow creativity to follow a course of its own. If you want a feel for the emphasis and rhythm, tune in as I'll be reciting them on air.

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