Monday, 14 December 2015

Mozez: Wings The Album~ A Jaz McKenzie Review

Mozes new album ‘WINGS’ is a ‘must add’ jewel to your musical collection and I can honestly say it’s brought a touch of sheer quality to mine- like pure silk sheets to a bed! Mozez beautiful rich tones received worldwide attention when he collaborated with Zero 7 on the album, ‘Simple Things,’ in 2001. Mozez is master of the chillaxing vibe, the beauty of ‘Wings’ being its awesomely pure quality- enhanced by excellent production thanks to Tony White, Mozez and Richard Beetham- 360 Mastering.

‘Wings,’ is perfectly named taking you to a different sphere and I believe it has the ability to do this when you allow yourself to drift into its musical vibe. The way Mozez uses his voice enhances the meaning within each track and taps directly into your emotions, carrying you along this emotional journey and you will fly, possibly in unexpected ways! 

There is a very clear spiritual quality to this album evident in the track titles- The Absolute, Signs Of Happiness, Be Like Water, Planets- producing the underlying feel of meditation and journeying. Somehow this vibration is evident even in very lively upbeat numbers- quite an achievement.

I view the album as being about experiences and growth with Mozez looking at life: presenting relationships and inner happiness through a collection of somewhat inspirational songs written by himself and other talented song writers namely Tony White, Tom Quick and Tom Trevors. It is hard to find a favourite due to the variety and consistency of the collection however one song instantly jumped out at me: 'Run River,' as I have been waiting for this song having said for years that we need to revive the essence of Negro Spirituals. The specific deep soul quality of the great Negro Spirituals lies within Run River whose lyrics are also reflective of the fight for wholeness. ‘Maybe this is all I have, maybe all I have is me. been to the water and the water’s been to me... Run River, Run like me... Freedom is a winner...’ – I believe the potential for this track could be huge as it is effectively a personal anthem that might suit films and campaigns. The flow of the album works well, with Run River leading into, ‘A Place Called Home,’ which makes you want to travel! However, if you really want to zone out, 'Planets' will take you there.

Wings The Album Launch @ Tape!

In summary, this album reflects a journey from its foundation to the present coinciding with Mozez personal & musical expansion. Mozez gospel roots have been beautifully nurtured through the addition of timeless, catchy tunes and poignant lyrics resulting in a masterpiece that speaks directly to today’s world.  I definitely encourage lovers of great music to check out, 'WINGS the album' for themselves on iTunes. For further release information check out Numen Records

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  1. Great review! Will check him out for sure. Bless Up up up

  2. This is a great review Jaz. I will for sure check Mozez out. Keep up the good works. Bless up up up