Thursday, 7 January 2016

Flying With Mozez~ Intro

2016 is going to be a fantastic year and I feel extremely joyful following my recent meeting with Mozez, concluding 2015.

As many of you are aware I reviewed Mozez album, 'Wings'' in December and found it to be of exceptional quality vocally, lyrically and musically. Wings is very inspirational and throughout the album Mozez speaks of his life journey in a way that many of us can relate to. Wings may well awaken people and help them connect with their mind and spirit. This album strikes a chord particularly as Mozez views are akin to my own; life really is more like a river than we might realise.

I am fascinated by the impact Wings has had on me, partially due to my inability to relate to Zero 7 whom Mozez recorded with when he achieved a degree of fame. Mozez vocals are stunning, possibly because he is fully expressing himself  through this highly personal album and because he has a burning desire to share his thoughts to help guide others through similar experiences. We will shortly be finding our more about the album when I post our first interview.

When Mozez set up his record company, ‘Numen Records,’ he invited me to write blogs for him that were posted on the company website. I did this for quite a while and now am pleased to be embarking on a new joint project! We are going to be, ‘Flying with Mozez,’ this year and bringing a little something each week to your attention; keeping it in the mix. Our intention is:

  • For you to come to understand more about the album,
  • Mozez overall motivation
  • Give you exciting information about future projects 
  • Garner a little of Mozez musical history
  • Get to grips with Numen Records 
  • Receive notification of Mozez live performances.
To catch up, please follow the highlighted link to my review of Wings. Next week I will be sharing the video along with further commentary regarding the song. Mozez and I hope you will really enjoy this journey!


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