Friday, 15 January 2016

Flying With Mozez~WINGS- Let's learn some secrets of success from the video!

Time to learn some lessons from Mozez the music master. This video has had over 1.5 million hits telling us the video, not just the song, has created a buzz!

Lesson one is simple- everything Mozez produces really is top quality, showing us the importance of striving for perfection. There are many people out there today who rush at life, which is a matter of choice, but taking time with your work really will produce a much deeper sense of satisfaction- the more we give out the more we get back! The quality of Wings, both the video and the album shows what a perfectionist Mozez is and as consumers we have become far more aware of the quality demanded in the industry. Check my review (link below) to gain a true sense of the album.

Lesson two- for all of you who make music videos, whether through action or stills, make an effort to ensure that the result is a true reflection of your intention; ie: the message in your music comes through. Try watching Mozez video with the volume muted and you will discover how powerful it is. We start with the dancers light, bright, free and flowing quickly followed by Mozez walking in a very burdened manner towards the piano. Mozez is wishing he could be free and dance is a magnificent medium to enhance our love of freedom. This also shows the importance of appropriate body language. Wings the video makes a good little silent film as it holds interest and this is a good marker to help you judge your own work.

Lesson three- Captivating use of video techniques. There are some wonderful techniques included in this video that make it a real showpiece for students to emulate. One of my favourite parts is the jagged expansion of Mozez jacket! I have no knowledge of correct terminology however incorporating multiple imagery, spins, spotlight shots creates many different ways of keeping our attention. And of course, the timing is perfection!

Lesson four- choose the right location. What a fantastic space with those beautiful stained glass windows all of which generate the freedom feel. The church is a springboard to freedom encouraging us to look at our spirituality. I love the fact that if we perceive this as a church, the pews are gone and the interior is now a huge space enabling dancers and musicians true freedom of expression. Think about the perfect location for your video or the types of stills fitting your theme.

Lesson five- Life is not clear cut.  Wings contains black and white clips along with merging imagery. This is a true reflection of life. Our lives contain many black and white areas which quite often merge when we lose our way and our ability to make clear, rational decisions. Of course, it makes the video more interesting however the same applies to our lives. How dull would we be if we didn't face challenges!

Lesson six- I'm sneaking in 'Shadow work'- facing those challenges! The use of silhouettes really empowers this video and the moves Mozez makes can be seen as conjuring up inner strength. You may not have heard of shadow work, however it's a serious subject and helps us to move our lives on. I know next to nothing about it so I'll leave the details to Teal Swan who is the Queen of Shadow Work!

ACTION: Play the video a few times and really get a feel for the song and true appreciation of the mastery behind this perfect piece of artistry.

NEXT WEEK: Flying with Mozez will bring you our first 5 KEY QUESTIONS INTERVIEW where Mozez will speak around 5 questions specifically relating to his album WINGS. Make sure you join us next week to go a little deeper  & all shares + Tweets appreciated!

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