Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Gut instincts are deffo the best! Meeting Charly Ngouh- Author & Entrepreneur

Yes I’m always rabbiting on about gut instinct so I thought I’d give you an example because right now excitement is fizzling in the air!

I decided to undertake the 20 minute walk to Sainsbury’s tonight just to buy a flatbread and salad bowl- no it’s not an expensive way to buy salad because I eat the whole thing over a couple of days without wastage- delicious and healthy!  With purchase in hand my mind said, ‘go to the 99p shop and buy some mayo. Walking the extra twenty steps I passed a guy who had displayed a sign to sell his book which had the word 'inspire' on it. I walked past him again on the way back and took a closer look however carried on because the last independently produced so called, ' inspirational personal story,' I purchased was pretty dire. Twice I almost stopped and twice I continued however my mind was niggling, so gut instinct had no alternative but to kick in. How do I know this? Because I felt uncomfortable walking away and knew I would regret not knowing what there was to know. This is how we tell- if I had felt comfortable I would have carried on without further thought.

Now it gets interesting. I said, ‘ I had to come back because you have put all this work into writing and publishing your book and now you’re standing here selling it. As you all know I love to support those who live their dreams. He laughed. I asked Charly (as I discovered) what his story was about. Charly’s book is called, ‘How I Won My War,’ a good title for an ex-soldier in the British Army who hails originally from Cameroon and has faced many challenges. I loved his positive, confident vibration and expect he knew when I passed that I’d be back. His story begins with an awkward birth and progresses through some complex relationships and situations. The book cost £10- why? It’s only a little paperback so I was preparing for a fiver. Charly told me that a donation goes to the Stoll Foundation to assist Veteran soldiers. Either way it doesn't matter because we set our own price. I handed over my tenner and explained that it would probably take me ages to get around to reading the book, took it home and read the first chapter before doing anything else! Charly is an entrepreneur who speaks three languages fluently and was born with an independent will. His book is extremely well written, warm and easy to read. I already have questions popping up in my mind that will need to be answered!

Gut instinct has brought a very interesting person into my life who I could so easily have missed meeting: just for the sake of a few minutes. Apparently Charly's book has been selling well and at this point I cannot anticipate how significant this encounter will prove to be. I love people who consider it more important to assist their fellow man than seek riches which is probably the universal foundation  underlying this connection. What I know is that there is far more to Charly Ngouh than his debut book and I am looking forward to unfolding more of his unique story. 

Please check Charly’s website to get a full flavour of what he has to offer.

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