Thursday, 28 January 2016

NESBETH - MY DREAM - (Official Video) + Overview by Jaz McKenzie

Simply have to share this fantastic video, 'My Dream,' from one of my favourite Reggae artists, Nesbeth. I am so happy to see that the video is flying, especially as Nesbeth is speaking about dreams- and we all dream of living our dream! The video is beautiful and inspirational giving off some serious feel good vibes. Makes me want to jump on a plane and see that opening view for myself- not sure bright yellow & green are my colours though so not planning to wrap up in the Jamaican flag!

I enjoyed interviewing Nesbeth last year and reviewed his Victory EP which comes highly recommended. In addition I wrote about Nesbeth's humble personality in one of my regular features as he is a great role model. Nesbeth shows us that there is always a way, and in his case it was a way out of the ghetto in Kngston; provided we are determined to hold onto our dreams- bringing us back nicely to the success he is currently experiencing.

Nesbeth has certainly made a huge impact in Jamaica, being featured in the Islands major papers, 'The Jamaican Gleaner' earlier in the week and before that, The Observer. I have heard that My Dream is currently the number one song in Jamaica, and some people say in the world! Either way it is definitely successful way beyond Nesbeth's native shores.

Nesbeth genuinely believes in taking the lid off the box of potential enabling success and it's his determination that really shines through. Nesbeth encourages the belief that we can all do the same. It is this attitude that has enabled him to progress from the streets to the world stage, as I have said previously. Love of people is the oil in Nesbeth's engine and the My Dream video uses examples of people striving to fulfil their potential from both child and adult hood.

Meeting Nesbeth was one of my highlights last year and I hope he will be back performing in the UK soon.

Jaz McKenzie~ Word Magician, Writer, Poet.

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