Be Braap~ Be Inspired- Inspirational words from Roosevelt Brownlee

'At the bottom of patience one finds heaven'~ Roosevelt Brownlee

Daffin Park, Savannah, GA

Just love these words from Roosevelt and I find them particularly inspiring. Patience is something that may be hard for us to exert, especially when we are in the midst of a situation and are unable to see the results. We do not know the depths to which we will be tested and the rewards to follow.

If we can focus fully on these words they may help us to hold onto hope as the true riches in life are often buried deeply and beyond our imaginings. We may be impatient for promotion, a life partner, increased earnings and opportunities however we are best advised to take our time and not grasp at straws!

I believe Heaven is all around us and patience will help us to reveal that truth. Remeber this next time you are experiencing frustration.

Jaz McKenzie~ Word Magician!