Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Flying With Mozez~ A Quick Fun Quiz!

How well do you know Mozez? Try our fun quiz and find out!
This week we are stepping into Mozez personality and taking a closer look at Mozez the man!I presented Mozez with some everyday questions, which you can either answer or hazard a guess! What do we know about Mozez so far? He’s from Jamaica, has been in the music business since childhood, has deep religious roots and is spiritually connected, he has tasted fame with Zero 7 and he continues making outstanding music within his own company, Numen Records. We’re making it easy by presenting multiple choice.

  1. Favourite colour: a)   Red b) Black c) Purple d) Yellow
      2. Lucky number: a)      5   b)  2    c)  7   d) 3

      3. Which bird most closely represents your dreams?
a)      Swan  b)  Hummingbird  c) Eagle  d) Kingfisher

      4. Country would you most like to visit:
a)      Cuba  b) Mexico c) Brazil d) Dubai

      5. Which of the following are two of Mozez favourite books:
a)      Shadow of the Wind- Zaffon  b) The Bible- New English Version  c) Lord of the Rings- Tolkien d) 12th Planet- Stitchin

      6. Who’s your hero?
a)      Nelson Mandella  b) Marin Luther King   c) Usain Bolt d) Mohammed Ali

      7.Favourite food:
a)      Jerk Chicken  b) Mango  c) Cheesecake  d) Snapper fish

      8. Favourite cartoon character:
a)      Snagglepuss  b) Charlie Brown  c) Tom (from Tom & Jerry) d) Rasta Mouse

      9. Favourite holiday resort: a) Seychelles  b) Italy  c) Thailand  d) Kenya

     10. Greatest fear:
a)      Spiders  b) Snakes c) To go down into a deep pothole  d) To fall from a great height 

     11. Name two of your biggest dreams:
a)      Equality for all people  b) See an alien World peace  c) End all wars  d) Have my music played on top radio stations around the world

     12. Which one of these artists is not in Mozez top 3 inspirational artists list?
a)      Michael Jackson  b) Marvin Gaye  c) Bob Marley  d) John Lennon

     13. Preferred social networking site:
a)      Facebook  b) Twitter  c) Pinterest  d) Linkedin

     14  Favourite way to relax?
a)      Read a book  b) Listen to music  c) Watch a film?  d) Play Xbox games

     15. Which of the following sayings appears in the album Wings?
a)      Run like the wind  b) Be like water c) Never give up  d) Fly like an eagle

Next Week: We'll be diving deep into Mozez next release, 'Run River.'
Answers: 1)d  2) b  3)b  4)c  5)a&d  6)a  7)c  8)a  9)a  10)d  11) a&b  12)d  13)c  14)b  15)b

Jaz McKenzie~ Word Magician!

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