Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Flying With Mozez- What is Mirror Mirror telling us?

Mirror Mirror

‘Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the greatest of us all?
Mirror mirror on the wall who‘s the greatest of us all?

In innocence he blooms then in pride he presumes
To be the author of his days the creator of his ways
But by and by he passes on once more to be a child’

I decided to visit a little section of these lyrics which may be regarded as a reflection of our lives. The love of self needs to be our first love and when we are children we get this right, hence in many ways a child is a perfect man! We are innocent and we are free however lack any understanding of the joys of this. As adults we have the job of making sense of a life we have been programmed to live and spend years recreating ourselves- or striding forwards having accepted the programme! 

People often say that we can learn a great deal from children and the one thing children really can teach us is how to live in the moment. They have no fear of the consequences of their actions either and sometimes this could be a valuable lesson because it comes from a space of inner security rather than self-centredness. Fear can prevent us from taking risks rather than worrying about consequences. This is not the same as thinking before we speak and causing needless hurt! I believe Sir Terry Wogan was very keen to tune into children's thinking, mentioned during a programme this week, and he was man of values, intelligence and with a natural understanding of his fellow human beings.

Life has a habit of helping us re-assess our values whilst at the same time teaching much needed lessons. When you think about it, children have a natural curiosity which we start curtailing immediately as we have perceptions of suitable and unsuitable behaviours. What seems acceptable, quaint or amusing in a child starts to irritate once that child begins to mature, but to be a social being we have to experience life. In order to fit in we must learn how to handle our emotions, how to expect the best from ourselves and to do so we must ignite our spiritual fire. This is what Mozez is referring to throughout his album. Mirror Mirror emphasizes that life is a circle and eventually we rediscover the inner child- in fact, some aspects of our characters simply refuse to grow up!

Next week: We will hear some of Mozez views regarding the music industry.

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