Monday, 14 March 2016

Caught up in the rat race~ Poem by Jaz McKenzie

I'm currently engaged in the pretty thankless tasks of flat hunting which becomes more and more difficult  as prices are artificially inflated within the current sellers' market. I'm trying to be chilled but thought I'd write a quick poem giving an overview of the situation based on Saturday's experience. Actually, I did put an offer in on an extremely nice property so we will wait and see! 

Caught UP in the rat-race,
Trying once again to get my foot on the property ladder
Simply to secure a more secure future
With the cost of renting spiralling in the current economic climate
The cost of bricks and mortar has gone through the roof
Whilst prospective buyers queue outside the door
Desperate to view a dingy apartment six floors up
Up the stairs that is, no lift, boxroom described as a bedroom
JOKES- on us, buying into this money-making racquet
Paying the carefully manipulated price of ownership
And why? Because we’re honest citizens who haven’t played the system
Obediently working hard and paying our taxes- For What?
Some questions are best unanswered
And what will be, will be: so keep living the dream!

Jaz McKenzie

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