Monday, 7 March 2016

Chase Morton Vs J Sealy: Battle Performance - The Voice UK 2016 - BBC One

The Voice UK has been running for a few weeks and here we have my favourite battle. I love both these guys voices and in fact we were playing J Sealy on Buffaloo Radio, The Chill Out Zone, last year.

I am loving Boy George on the show who is both flamboyant and entertaining: most refreshing to the point whereby I don't miss Tom Jones at all. Have to say Paloma Faith can be quite trying at times however Kylie was very childish especially where the young guys were concerned and definitely a bit much too! The judges tend to become very excitable at times which is a good thing as is the humour which has been consistently good this year- on top form! Will I Am is the same as ever and likes to leave his choices to the last minute so no surprise there. I do miss Rita Ora who is very sound and did a great job last year before moving to the XFactor.

I really don't have a favourite contestant- well possibly the unique rocker with the long blonde hair... and there are definitely some interesting voices so it will be good to see how the competition develops. I really enjoy seeing artists being stretched beyond their comfort zones as this so often brings out the best in them. Next week the serious cut backs begin leaving a handful of artists to perform in the live shows. Luckily it doesn't last anywhere near as long as the XFactor so stays fresher overall!

Jaz Mckenzie 

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