Tuesday, 29 March 2016

SERIES: Flying With Mozez~ If from love we are fallen...

‘If from love we are fallen, then by love we will be saved.’- ‘Planets’ from the album, ‘Wings’

This encouraging line comes from the song, ‘Planets, ‘- available on Mozez latest album, ‘Wings.’ (Numen Records.) It is a line full of hope that requires the sentiment of courage in order that we hold on to love and believe in the face of loneliness or desperation. Many of us might regard ourselves as falling 'from' love, as a result of wrong choices, which may prove to be a very necessary learning curve that we need to experience in order to gain more from life in the long run. Sometimes we fall 'in' love with the wrong person for us, possibly at the right time but not for a lifetime!

How often in life does the very thing that messed us up ultimately serve us? When you look at the song lyric it actual presents a very open statement with no conditions attached. It doesn’t say, ‘if from love we are fallen, then ultimately we will find someone to love us.’ What it does is allow us to consider the essence of the solution offered, which is pure love, and consider how we managed to fall from love in the first place- on so many occasions we may sabotage and alienate ourselves.

Is a fall from love a fall from grace? Sometimes we make that assumptions from our human perspective rather than considering the divine perspective. Our souls, spirits or higher self loves us infinitely however as humans we relate to the world in which we find ourselves through its conditioning and expectations- all generated from the collective human persona. Very often we fail to pay attention to ourselves- our wants and needs, especially if we have a giving nature, which is one of the reasons we need to re-learn how to love ourselves. We must seek our own approval and be comfortable with ourselves. Once we do so, we no longer seek external love to fill a void, rather, when we find external love it enhances the person we have become.

To fall from love suggests a love that we have been clinging tightly to, possibly for the wrong reasons. We can fall from love within a poor relationship, ie: a relationship which may be bad for us. We can fall from love because our expectations are unrealistic- we may be in love with an image we desire and not the person themself. This invariably puts too much strain on the relationship.What we think of as love could be redefind as ‘familiarity’ or ‘security.’ If we lose this type of love we are not really losing love at all and we can be saved by real love if we are open to it. When this happens we will recognize the difference. Being open to change and recognising familiar patterns is essential if wishing to create a different type of relationship.

Sometimes people lose not only love but the life they’ve been accustomed too through an avenue such as divorce, job loss or even death of a partner. They may well be despairing and feel as if they no longer deserve love. Once again we are applying a human understanding of love to the situation. We are ‘enough’ as we are but it takes a great deal to realise that at times and to discover our inner resourcefulness. There is often a degree of shame attached to our perceptions of ‘failure’ and this can loom so large it over-rules the reality of a situation. The reality is that our so called failures often occur to enable growth. Sometimes we come to love ourselves during these difficult times because we suddenly become our main focus and start looking after our needs ourselves.

There is another expression that comes to mind - ‘Love will save the day.’ To go through life feeling constantly loved and appreciated is probably unusual. Most of us experience different forms of heartache and levels of appreciation, some leaving us feeling broken. It is these very experiences that make us stronger and enable us to empathise with one another. Sometimes the love we are shown during our down times is the very love that elevates us to a better level.

One of the key factors about love is its ability to expand, encompassing many people and myriad situations. Love will always be- and our belief in the power of love needs to remain strong if we are to make significant changes to our lives as individuals and our world as a whole.

Coming next- Mozez speaks about Reggae music in the UK and Europe

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