Saturday, 19 March 2016

Sometimes it's hard to be positive!

I'm generally a positive person however during the last two weeks I managed to generate an internal feeling of desperation with a tinge of fear. Why? Because I'm now in the position of joining the London wide property search- NIGHTMARE! The thing is, I haven't been doing it very long but already it's been a rough/smooth ride. Initially I found somewhere which literally appeared like a dream- problem was, instead of following my gut instinct- which I always preach, I started listening to and evaluating advice- Big Mistake! Or was it? Either way, that property is not available today however it could re-appear as property sometimes does.

I think my mistake was in 'allowing' the wrong thing. I acknowledged the wrong set of feelings which immediately grew and grew- yes, Jack and the Beanstalk is there to remind us that enormous things happen when small seeds are planted! The flow of happy, positive feelings I was enjoying were stemmed by a tide of anxiety once I realised how hard it is to offer at the right price. So how have I managed to escape from these feelings? Fortunately I have been working consistently on returning to a happy state and this is gradually being absorbed by my mind. Therefore, after two weeks my mind shouted STOP- I've had enough of this. You are constantly worrying and unhappy with it- what's better- a pile of bricks and mortar or inner peace? Really, that's not even a choice is it! So, I have regained my flow and am just mentally focusing on finding the home I'll love in the right location at the right price- simple yes? Baring in mind that nothing's perfect and everything is for a time I'm quite happy with this plan. Yes I want a home I love and can put my stamp on but the bigger plan is to be busy developing my dreams and these are far more important than, 'making an investment' in the traditional sense. Of course I will continue viewing properties but from an unemotional place and who knows what will happen in the housing market? Timing is so important in life.

Now that I've regained my perspective the right place will appear and everything will go relatively smoothly meeting expectation. Everything really is a matter of perspective and I believe we create our lives- here's a great idea: let's say NO to manufactured stress and Yes to mind control!

Jaz McKenzie~ Word Magician!

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