Sunday, 27 March 2016

Special Days and Holidays!- The good, the bad...

We all benefit from times of renewal and refreshment; in fact, taking time out from life in one way or another is a necessity otherwise we will burn out. All religions have celebrated days that are key to their belief systems. Many years ago I would have been in church on Easter Sunday morning celebrating the very core of my religious beliefs and although I no longer hold these beliefs I fully respect those who do.

Life is all about our individual journey which starts for the majority of people within our families. We identify with family values and beliefs, the special days and holidays contributing strongly to the positive side of family life. These are the days we truly celebrate and we usually enjoy our time together: most of us adopting this way of being until we mature to a point where we start questioning our beliefs and characteristics- often identifying our core personality traits. We want to know who we are and what our life purpose is so question different aspects of life- science, religion, politics etc. We often consider our career choices and look at the things we enjoy and dislike. Sometimes people have very strongly held fundamental beliefs and they feel no need to question them and may believe that they themselves are pretty much perfect- the rest of us probably can see areas for improvement!

Easter in particular is a time for new beginnings and we can take this opportunity to be forgiving and embrace the best in one another. Upholding the good in other people is empowering and really generates a feel-good vibe. The whole religious aspect of Easter is based around God's forgiveness however we are all aware that there are sometimes things in life that are really hard for us to forgive. Trying to understand one another is a step towards healing whether it is reciprocated or not. Holidays can be sad times for some people simply because life is no longer what it was. The fun family times we previously experienced are gone forever and we feel a long way from the joy we should be feeling. We must remember that we have choices and one of those choices is to think about better things that do not upset us. It is difficult but we ultimately need to keep bringing ourselves back to a better place. Obviously when we find ourselves in upsetting situations we need space to work through our feelings- putting a lid on them is no help at all as they will rise like a lump of dough and overwhelm us. When faced with challenging days such as Easter or any other celebration it might be good to do something completely different from the usual routine- stay with a friends, go out of town or possibly try a more reflective yet positive way to survive the day. It really is a personal choice - the important thing being to take a pro-active approach rather than being overwhelmed by emotion. The ability to channel our emotions is preferable to allowing bitterness and resentment to dominate and allows us to handle ourselves better.

Special days enable us to focus on the good and treat one another with consideration, the aim being an enjoyable, shared experience. Usually we indulge ourselves with special foods, presents, flowers - shops are currently awash with Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies. It's a day of fun and excitement for children who are busy before the event making cards and decorations for their families. Celebrations are very much a part of our lives and usually encompass a holiday period. Whether you celebrate Easter or not, if you have time off over the Easter period enjoy it! Of course, we don't need celebrations to celebrate life. The best way to live is to make the most of each moment- not easy, but if we work towards this we will become more mindful and will definitely enjoy life far more. Have a blessed day.

Jaz McKenzie~ Word Magician

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