Sunday, 15 May 2016

Flying With Mozez- a very brief update!

Today we're doing a little update regarding Mozez recent activity incase you are not yet up to speed. I will follow this blog shortly with an interview in which Mozez speaks about his name and discusses some in-depth spiritual thinking.

Mozez with Mari Conti
Mozez has been busy on the live music scene with his recent trip to Berlin, Germany, 5th-8th May, where he appeared in the XJAZZ Festival with Nightmares On Wax- what an interesting name! Hearing what a success the show turned out to be really makes me determined to attend Mozez next UK performance; we will give you plenty of notice of Mozez live events.

The latest exciting news for Mozez fans is the release of a specially re-mixed album containing favourites songs and some new material. Here is a brief quote from Mari Conti:

 'A new song is ready for the summer! 
This is the remix by GoldLounge Michele Effe of my song "Blue Is My Favourite Colour ft Mozez" and is out now on the new remix album from Mozez Wright called Dream State.'

DREAM STATE- is available to check out on Reverb Nation before purchasing your copy from Numen Records. I consider Dream State to be a great title as we have been learning about some of Mozez night time voyages! To find out more, search our series Flying With Mozez.

Jaz McKenzie~ The Word Magician


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