Sunday, 22 May 2016

Just Cool - Cassandra London OFFICIAL VIDEO

I'm really feeling this song at the moment- not particularly the relationship, although we'll come on to that, but the whole joyful vibe which is why I keep playing it! I will add that I love Cassandra's album, with 'So Fresh,' remaining my personal favourite - silly thought; if I were on a dating show and had those words thrown at me I would say, 'I want to be So Fresh every morning' meaning, looking ahead with lively anticipation to the joys that day holds.

Being-  The Word Magician, I like to take words out of context and put my own spin on them, which releases new fundamental truths. Just Cool speaks volumes. Cassandra's approach in this song towards her romantic situation is cool. Like so many of us, Cassandra initially refuses to listen to her gut instinct but once that kicks in, instead she refuses to tolerate the situation and gives her guy the boot- Papa didn't raise no fool for real in Miss London! And while I'm speaking,'Cassandra the person,' I know she is determined to make a name for herself therefore has been through quite a lot of ups and downs in her career. Like many artists, Cassandra is looking to ground herself in the right space surrounded by those who offer genuine support, and, like us all, will benefit by reciprocating that support enabling the commercial engine to do its thing.

Just Cool- How fantastic would it be if you could say that life is Just Cool and really mean it? The more we believe that life is cool the better it becomes. If you accept life and let it flow you will undoubtedly release anxiety and adjust your expectations; by allowing things their own reign they will become easier. I'm thinking I'll take my own advice and get up everyday saying- my life is just cool - and allow these words to spin their magic.

Relationships- Just Cool is about a relationship which is clearly not running in tandem. The people involved have different agendas leading to conflict. Relationships tend to be casual or committed which got me thinking- perhaps we over-use the word, 'commitment,' or bend it to suit our purposes. As soon as we commit to something in life it takes on a new aura. We are suddenly faced with standards and for people with a level of immaturity or those who for various reasons are not in a position to commit, this can be a bit scary. Sometimes it is good to roll with a relationship and not introduce terminology, just allow that commitment to arise naturally without paying undue attention to it. In a good relationship both people want similar things, in which case you just get on with your lives as the relationship strengthens naturally. The foundation of relationships determines their nature. Some people are out for fun whereas others want a deep, or even a temporary, relationship built on integrity and exclusivity. If a relationship is to be Just Cool everybody should understand the ground rules. We all know that as soon as anything shady slips in, somebody gets hurt.

Final point-There are circumstances in life which give rise to relationships that can ultimately prove devastating. If you're coming out the other side of one of these, don't spend too much time analyzing it. Usually people were in a bad place at the time, in which case you learn the necessary lessons and move on. Forgive all those involved including yourself and aim to reach a better place before starting a new relationship.
My aim is to be Just Cool and today is definitely a Just Cool kind of day!

Jaz McKenzie~ The Word Magician 

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