Sunday, 26 June 2016

A Walk By The Water- Poem by April D. Aries

Pic taken by April D. Aries


A walk by the water
A walk with nature
The beauty and scenery
The peace
Moments of freedom
At ease ~  April D. Aries © 15/06/16

A walk to relieve the soul
A walk re-fragmenting the whole
That allows you to be your goal
Deep peace
Moments of clarity
Just be~ Jaz McKenzie © 16/06/16

April D. Aries is a professional Radio show host and more besides! April posted her poem on Facebook recently and I felt an immediate connection and flow so added a verse, expanding the theme.

Poetic words are all about expression and capturing the imagination. In this instance April wrote a verse that spoke to me- as a fellow walker and poet. Walking is not just great exercise, it also gives you mind space enabling freedom of thought. During these mind liberating walks we are able to release tension, just enjoy the moment or allow our subconscious to ruminate over different events, conversations, ambitions or situations. Walks are one of natures de-stressing tools that helps us return to our default setting of calm and control. No wonder people tell us to take a walk if we get mad! Personally I like to walk as much as possible, being my primary exercise, and usually come back pretty joyful.

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