SERIES: Flying With Mozez~ Broken Toy

Broken Toy

Walking in the rain like a little boy with a broken toy
Eyes wide shut trying to loose all the pain you feel.
I am playing your favourite song so forget all that's been.
You've got to Learn to move on, you've got to learn to move on.

These words of Mozez from his song Broken Toy are challenging, comforting and direct. Being a fellow word magician I appreciate Mozez descriptive flair and ability to conjour up perfect images. You can’t fail to see this little boy wandering in the rain clutching hold of a toy that once functional, is no more. So many of us try to hold on to relationships that no longer work for us; even injecting more passion into them when they’re past their sell-by date. The time we need to invest this type of energy and emotion is during the period a relationship is working- sadly we tend to become complacent at this point rather than taking on the challenge of creating something that will endure. Too little too late- a familiar phrase!

The phrases that truly appeals to me is, ‘eyes wide shut.’ There are various facets to this phrase; here it means the shutting out of pain. Realistically we can’t achieve this as pain can never be buried forever. If pain isn’t dealt with we cannot be the person we were destined to be. Look at how many people have survived abuse in all its forms and gone on to become internationally recognised figures in their field. None of them achieved this by burying pain- or, if they did, there life probably needs a little more balance. Part of our make-up is to learn how to cope and become stronger but the depth of pain can make this hard to do. I have spent the past few years working on myself to re-address the balance in my life and start believing in my own talent. Having had my inner confidence knocked several times in the past, especially within relationships, I know the importance of taking time out for yourself to do some self healing. When you learn to love yourself you don’t give a toss what others think and you can throw the word needy out with the bath water!

It is so easy to go from one relationship straight into another with ‘eyes wide shut,’ simply because you’re afraid to be on your own. Unless you have exceptional judgement, this usually ends in a relationship where one party depends on the other- protective/possessive, or a relationship that is co-dependent – us against the world. Neither are healthy and the best relationships consist of two individuals who are happy in themselves, happy being together and supportive of each other without being over-baring.

On a daily basis we tend to keep our eyes wide shut to anything we choose not to think about. Politics- urrrgh, but some people love it! The trouble and strife within this world is a key point. We can shut our eyes because we choose not to help or simply because we don’t want to know anymore. Our conscious will answer those questions for us.

The main time we keep our eyes wide shut is in a bid to shy away from our fears. When we open them we gain knowledge and understanding that empowers us but we have to reach the point where we can accept that challenge. Think of a fairground- you can ride the roller coasters with eyes shut or open, but unless you open them you will miss the true thrill of the ride.

There’s a level of comfort projected throughout the song and you know Mozez has got your back! When we feel down we need to crank up our internal engine with positive vibrations- which is where music and walks in the park fit in. You have to make a positive effort to move on otherwise you'll wallow in sadness and gloom. When we split up with somebody it may seem like the end of the world however, time really is a healer and if a relationship has ended it’s ultimately making way for a better one. The question is, how do you bring that better relationship in?  The quickest answer is to have different expectations and do things differently! Everything comes down to acceptance, letting go, learning a few lessons and moving forwards. Too many people go back to failed relationships especially as it is an easier option than starting again. Another common mistake is being determined not to re-experience the experience and that puts the bad things straight back into your aura. Go for what you want and don’t think back through the old troubles. In rare cases people can go back to a failed relationship after a period of separation and that’s the right course of action but as a general rule, let go of that broken toy people- it no longer serves you.

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Jaz McKenzie~ The Word Magician