Tuesday, 26 July 2016

SERIES: Flying With Mozez- If There Ain't No Love

A place called home:

I ‘ve been to London
I’ve been to Rome
Hoping to make this stop my home
San Francisco, Hollywood.
But if there ain’t no love, then it ain’t no good

I love these lyrics. At first glance we might just think that Mozez is trotting round the globe looking for love, which, in a way he is, but I read a much deeper meaning into this song.

We have freedom and if we have money we can go abroad and mingle with many different types of people. If we prefer, we can stay at home and still mingle with people of different cultures, different ways of thinking and so forth. Where life partners are concerned, most of us have firm ideas about the types of people we would like to fall in love with however until you love yourself you can never be 100% happy even with a great person. Sometimes we have to look inwards before we look outwards.

It must be great fun travelling across different continents but unless we are inwardly happy we will always feel dis-satisfied. We should put our focus on living for ourselves and satisfy our exclusive needs, if not, we will be globe-trotting forever metaphorically speaking. If there ain’t no love it ain’t no good. If we want a loving relationship to last it must have a firm foundation and be tended to carefully rather than disappear within the everyday mist life can throw over it.

Society encourages us to keep busy and join the rat-race. We are encouraged to live online, share our lives, our feelings, our pictures- however when doing so where do we find time to spend strictly on ourselves? We are bombarded in news feeds with things we prefer not to see- for instance, I was horrified when a decapitated head popped up in my newsfeed yesterday- and let’s not forget bloodied animals, disfigured children etc. You can still express anger without doing so in such a brutal manner forcing other people to see these horrendous images. Cruel and brutal events rock our peaceful state of mind as do all of the atrocities the world has been experiencing recently. Sometimes it actually seems as if love is limited within the world however we know that love is limitless and the horrors we hear about result from warped egos.

Real love is based on understanding and unity from every perspective- worldly and personal. How can anyone feel at home until they have made peace with themselves? There is a great deal of self -hatred resulting from experiences we may have had no control over. Abuse is a clear example that produces many victims and it is the ‘victim mentally’ that stops us loving ourselves by undermining self-confidence and preventing a good level of self-esteem. Victims tend to side with victims or just repeat the patterns they have become accustomed too- either way, there ain’t no love in oppressive situations, although people often mistake dependency for love, brutality for love and so on.

Mozez song speaks the truth. If there ain’t no love it ain’t no good. This applies to everything in life. In order to help ourselves feel love there is one simple yet challenging thing we can do to enable us to move forwards and that is to look at everyone and every situation through the eyes of love. Very difficult but it is something we can work towards. Instead of being re-active and thinking of how things affect us we could ask ourselves ‘why do I feel this way’ instead. I do not find this easy and can steer off course quickly, but looking through the eyes of love really makes a great default setting where communication and understanding are concerned. It doesn’t mean we should become involved with people who set out to hurt us but this approach empowers us to handle situations better.

I also think we could save ourselves from a great deal of heartache once we gain a feel for love and can recognise it!

Jaz McKenzie~ The Word Magician Email: itsbraap@live.co.uk

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