SERIES: Flying With Mozez. Mozez speaks about recording with Rapper Mico and other artists

Mozez- you are very spiritually aware and oriented, what type of artist do you choose to work with?
I don’t necessarily have in my head a structure, as in, I like this artist. I think it’s about people who believe in music and have the spirit of music in them- it’s primarily about that. Of course, the company doesn’t have the capacity to do rock music so I can’t do that. Whatever music the artist brings to the table we will try to work with within our structure. I’m not specific about music in that sense but as I said before, if it’s something that we cannot manage we will put the artist on to someone who can enable them to get where they want.

You work with different types of artists and today you are working with Mico who has a very clear vision for his music. In your experience is that an usual thing? It’s unusual because a lot of the artists I work with come in and they don’t have a picture, a vision. That’s because they’re younger artists, so you train them vocally and generally as you see the potential in them develop into an artist. You create the concept of that. With Mico it’s different because Mico has a picture, a very clear picture of how he sees himself in 5 and 10 years time; where he sees his music going and what he wants.

How easy is it for you to work with a more defined artist, specifically Mico? It’s a little more difficult for me because I have to allow- I have to be a person who sits back to allow his music to come through, to enable his ideas to come through. That’s a bit difficult because you have to be patient. You have to curb your natural instinct and allow your own creative ideas to ‘die’ in a way. You have to take a back seat to allow his thing to generate. It’s a process of learning as well- with Mico I can see how he thinks. It’s about seeing how another person thinks and what perks their interest, basically. I do enjoy working with Mico in this way.

Mozez making magic!

Mozez working with Mico

Mico’s coming from quite a learned place really, he’s studied music so he knows what he wants to achieve. Do you have many youngsters who don’t have a musical background but do know what they want from their music? Probably about 70-80 % of artists I work with don’t have what Mico has. They’re fresh and open so they will hear some music, like it and want to do something like that themselves. Those people are generally easier to work with in the sense that you can create something and they will jump with it. Mico has set his direction and everything is tabulated so you have to fit in with what he is doing. Basically, a lot of artists who come my way are primarily open to different ways of doing things because they just want to get there. They want to get to this ‘place’ and want me to help them get there basically.

How do you go about getting ideas for your own music? I listen to a lot of music from other folks because I think it’s important. The point is that you’re not alone and the message doesn’t come to one person, it comes to a lot of people. I pick up different things from so many different bands. At the moment I am listening to a band from New Zealand, Fat Freddy’s Drop, and they are fantastic. I’m also listening to ‘something orchestra,’ can’t remember their name but they’re very, very good. I take ideas from whatever I listen to. Sometimes I get an idea from a dream or from travelling on the road. All of these things boost me with their various forms.

Have you put out a main message on your album, ‘Wings,’ because having listened to it many times it has a huge amount of content? The general essence of Wings itself is that we are born in a world where we have many things happening to us. As I grow older I see so many ways in which things have changed, for example, through the 80’s and 90’s, and change continues now. You realise that things are not, in essence, how you saw the world say twenty years ago compared to how you see it now. People are so caught up with little things that don’t even make sense to me! The idea behind Wings is for people to come to a place where they realise an understanding that everything we have here is very temporary in itself. I’m not trying to preach about anything; what I’m saying is that for us as people to realise where we are as ‘human beings,’ and how we can make what we have here last for some time is extremely important. If you think for instance about how we are damaging the climate, how we are damaging our own lives.

The whole thing I’m driving at is that our lives can be made better and we can make life so much better for our kids and for future generations. We don’t need this ‘big stick’ of the world ending in a nuclear bomb being held over us. I believe that what we decide to make of the future is what it will turn out to be- a self-fulfilling priphecy. When I wrote the album Wings it was against the background of the recession and all we heard everyday on the news was how ‘it’s not been like this,' followed by, ‘what are we going to do about it?’ It’s the whole doomsday thing. But the recession was created by us and everything we create becomes us, so why not try to create something that’s more beautiful for future generations? There’s a fundamental change going on in the minds of the masses. I can see it everywhere. I can see it on Facebook- people are becoming more spiritually aware and more aware from a social perspective. People are more aware that we have the power to change and that only a few guys are making our lives horrible, so we can change, and maybe the internet has helped us understand this. People are more aware of how to live and of the future basically- aware of the power of their lives.

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