Surprise interview! STYLO G ~ who performed at the Lambeth County Show.

with Stylo G following his blazing performance

I thoroughly enjoyed going along to the Lambeth County Show both Saturday and Sunday- more to come on that! Both days proved highly beneficial as I made new contacts however the highlight from every perspective has to be my encounter with Stylo G, thanks to awesome King of Dancehall- Bashment Dancer Fadda Urkle- pictured here are his Happy Socks for the new Happy Days Dance! Fadda Urkle introduced me to Stylo G and I have to big myself up here because Stylo G said, 'I remember you!' and we're talking at least 5 years ago when I met him briefly at the Brixton Splash. I'm thrilled that Stylo G agreed to a mini interview and as he had been performing on a mega hot day I decided to keep it really quick. For that reason I only asked four questions which I regard as relevant to this point in his career, and these are questions that expand in some ways on remarks he made during the performance Stylo G had just given. I will add that his songs and audience rapport created that real blown-away factor being energetic and on point. I think it's also important to say, as we know that artists can get carried away when they become famous, that Stylo G is such a genuinely nice guy and a pleasure to speak with. Huge thanks Stylo G for granting this interview... and I hope to see him perform again before too long.

Dancing Feet of Fadda Urkle
Jaz McKenzie interview with Stylo G:

What’s your greatest inspiration in life? My greatest inspiration is my Dad. My Dad just being a big Reggae Dancehall artist, that’s my inspiration; that’s why I make music because he inspired me to do this. You know, when my Dad passed away I was like no, I need to finish the legacy and that’s my inspiration and I’m going to keep going, keep going, keep going.

Are you surprised by the success you’ve had? Surprised no because coming in this music I know I had to win. If I had to play football I know I’m going to be good at it, so I know I have to master my craft and my aim was to master my craft. My aim was to become the biggest Reggae artist in the UK and I’m getting there slowly but surely, so definitely, yeah!

What advice have you got for kids who are serious about their music? Kids that are serious about their music should take it serious and keep going. You know, just believe in yourself and it will work. That’s it mate, you just have to keep going. It’s like playing football, if you play football you keep at your craft. Just keep working, stay focused and success, you will eventually reach success in the end.

Finally, what’s your sort of ultimate dream? My ultimate dream is for me to live in a big house like Buckingham Palace with me, my Mum, my family, my cousin, everybody in one big house, yeah, family together. That’s my ultimate dream, family together in one big house like the White House or Buckingham Palace.

Huge thanks to Stylo G and one of my dreams;  to interview him in more depth as I'm loving his answers!

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