Monday, 1 August 2016

NEW~NEW~NEW!!! SOLSOUL REGGAE-ROBICS starting Wednesday. Have fun & Get Fit!

Fada Urkle~ UK Dancehall King!
Fada Urkle will be bringing his expertise to Clapham with a new project, 'Reggae-Robics,' to help you have fun and get fit. Urkle's aim is to bring dancehall into your grasp and whilst teaching all the necessary moves you will be given full exposure to this particular brand of culture.

You will start at the very beginning and learn moves such as, 'Butterfly, Tatti, Hottie Hottie Boogle,' progressing on to the Boogle dance itself. You will even have the opportunity to learn the Urkle Dance from the Dancehall King. Of course, Dancehall has continued to progress rapidly and there are many more tricks of the trade you will encounter provided you attend regularly.

Ding Dong doing the dance!
Fada Urkle grew up within the Dancehall Culture and enjoyed the feel of  both the dance and the music. Gradually it became evident that he had a talent for dance and after arriving in the UK late 2002, he loved spending his weekends dancing at Caesars Streatham, acquiring a job as resident dancer. Fada Urkle became very wrapped up with dance and it took over a large part of his existence. Eventually Urkle began entering competitions around the UK and gained the title Dancehall King in 2005.

Having had a career break, Fada Urkle is all set to share his passion for dance with anyone who would love to be able to dance. This is partly because, having stepped back, there has been a lack of new style dances entering the Dancehall arena. Fada Urkle said,

'It's a shame that everyone's doing the same style over and over and I feel that it's no longer Dancehall, it's more Hip-Hop. I feel that the body's not flowing anymore. The tradition is now lost and should be deeply rooted so that everyone can distinguish between Bashment, Reggae and other dance styles. The Bashment style is rooted in Africa and is losing its identification in the cross-over culture. I am bringing the dance back to source, our ancestral heritage.'

Interestingly, last week at the Jamaican Sun Fset, Ding Dong spoke about  his intention to revive Dancehall Dance too.

Fada Urkle's classes can be accessed by everyone from beginner to advanced as there will always be new dances to learn- and here, hot off the press we have the, 'Happy Days Dance'! 

How can I access Fada Urkle's Classes?

Age 18+
Dance Teacher: Ras Yechiyah aka Fada Urkel

Location: Fitness First Clapham Junction | London Gym  | Clapham Junction Station | 276 — 288 Lavender Hill, London SW11 1LJ

Each and every:
Weds 20:15 — 21:15

Fee is £7 for non members of the gym, and £3 for members of the gym.
Please bring your own towel or pay £1for a towel at the gym.
Lockers are available to use, a temporary pass will be given if needed.
If you have a Fitness First multi membership or if you are a member of this location you can use the gym. Otherwise you are not allowed, go straight to dance studio.


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