Sunday, 14 August 2016

Rave Reggae by Denve Jacobs and The Rockstone band

'Love is my gift to the world, I fill myself with love, and i send that love out into the world, How others treat me is their path, How I react is mine..., Denve Jacobs

Just recently I have met some amazing people on Facebook and am sharing Denve Jacob's uplifting song today. The reason these people are amazing is because they are talented and have a true desire to inspire and help others. Mamadou Diop whom I blogged last time is another excellent example.

Denve has a passion for photography as well as music and shares his photo's regularly with an inspirational message. Today's message, that I will discuss later on my Facebook page The Word Magician is; 'In order to become who you want to be, you must let go of who you used to be...' So true and so challenging!

Now, onto the song Rave Reggae!

First up,.. Denve has a distinctive voice and is busy representing Reggae in Ceres, Cape Town, South Africa. Reggae Rave is a true rave tune being full of energy and projecting a love for life... sing it and do what you want to do! This song creates a fabulous vibe for those times you may be feeling a little down and wanting to raise your spirits- something we're all in need of from time to time. As it says, the song is aligned with African culture and shouts JOY at you. Speaks for itself really! Must add that The Rockstone Band have done a fantastic job.

Here's to a joyful day and I hope you will join me in supporting Denve's efforts to make a difference.

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