Tuesday, 2 August 2016

UDE artist Norris B appears at the Hootananny! + Interview!

Live at the Acton Carnival
Norris B is an interesting artist and very likeable individual. He loves his Lover's Rock and Roots Reggae and is thrilled to be performing this Thursday- 4th August at Hootananny, Brixton..

Norris appeared recently at the Acton Carnival with team Urban Delight Entertainment and went down a storm! I interviewed Norris prior to his performance on the day so you can find out a little more about him!

Norris B Interview

Introduction: To the world- my name is Norris B and right now I’m in Acton Carnival, London alongside Jaz McKenzie representing for Urban Delight. I want to big up the crew; Macky McPherson, Computer Paul and all artists, Urban Delight, One Love. Today is the first day I’ve been to Acton Carnival- I’ve been to a lot of carnivals like Bristol carnival. Today I like the atmosphere and I’m here to promote myself, meet new people and enjoy myself. I’m going to perform some of my older stuff and some of my new stuff from the album coming soon.

How did you get into music? Well, I’ve been listening to like Luciano, Admiral Tibet, General Levy, Junior Reid and many more. I grew up in the same community where all those guys used to do their music so I grew up loving the music and knowing the music from watching those artists. In 1995 I wrote my first song called, ‘Earth To Run Red.’ I even see that song manifest now with the war in Iraq and all of that before- from 1995 I sing Earth To Run Red. In 2005 a couple of days when I came to England, I record my first track with USB Records called, ‘Jah Jah Love’ - and you can check that out on YouTube, Facebook- any one of the sites. I start to study now, music the right way, to be an artist and to perform to show the world what I have to offer with the music. So after the first song in 2005, I start to be a recording artist, recording in the studio; getting to know how to sing, how to do it, how to record and I just carry on from that. I’m here in Acton today, same way to carry it on, the music.

Are you an easy person to advise- do you take criticism well?  Yes, I love criticism because it make me stronger. If I work on a show and somebody say you could do that better then yes, that’s what I want to hear. Don’t be biased and don’t cover it up now, because that’s the way I’m going to learn.

What’s your key motivation in life as a whole? My key motivator is my family (Big laughs.) My family, they come first then my music after, then my friends and then my business- but my family and my music at the moment- Laugh!

Big thanks to Norris B and if you can make it along to the Hootananny, Brixton this Thursday, Team Urban Delight will see you there!

Jaz McKenzie~ The Word Magician Email: itsbraap@live.co.uk

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