Sunday, 25 September 2016

I AM THE SUN- Poem by Jaz McKenzie


I am the sun shining brightly in your orbit, life-giving light
I am the raindrops falling to earth, mingling with the dust and dirt
creating hope in barren land
I am the wind rousing you from sleep in the dead of night awakening your senses
and at first light, I am the dawn chorus setting a beautiful tone for a perfect day
I am the power, within... and without my power there is nothing
Everything is Everything
The life force flowing freely from whence it came
in constant evolution embracing imperfection within perfect harmony
I am the sun. You are the sun.
Light and life will forever vibrate hand in hand
Granting wisdom, knowledge and understanding of eternal truth.
Jaz McKenzie ©2016

A friend and I were speaking about enlightenment last week. It was dark and he challenged me: 'Jaz, can you see the sun?' I said no so he told me I'm not enlightened yet. Fact is, sometimes we are not really thinking beyond the obvious. I thought about it later and considered the teachings, for want of a better word, that I have been studying the last couple of years. The major thing I have learnt is that everything is related because everything is a vibration and we all ultimately come from one source. This is my take and I know many of you will not agree. What we do know is that we all have our version of the truth and we are all here celebrating or commiserating life on this planet.

I believe each of us has more power than we were born to believe and are capable of achieving great things. Whether these are outcomes to be noted by friends and family or worldwide achievements remains to be seen, but we were born to do something. I like the idea that I am the sun- therefore I shine eternally, brilliant thought!

Have to say the picture contains great memories of zooming across East Anglian last month- wonderful summer memories to add to the vibe.

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