Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Kareem Shabazz and the Ryddim Kings- poem- The Real Deal by Jaz McKenzie

I was very impressed by Kareem Shabazz and the Ryddim Kings Friday night, so am posting a poem I wrote the following day. I will write my review soon however this poem sums up the essence of this fantastic evening

Kareem Shabazz and the Ryddim Kings
Your voice melts the blood in my veins
I’m in awe! Hearing strains of artists
Who sang those songs before
A timeless voice, skittering so high
If you had wings you would orbit the sky
With the masters of song
Whom you clearly admire
Al, Marvin and Curtis
Have set you on fire
True flames of success
You were born to impress
I can only express how I feel
Kareem and the Ryddim Kings
Rocking Jazz, Reggae, Soul
It’s surreal! And thanks for playing
My favourite song
Kareem Shabazz
Let’s get it on!

Jaz McKenzie ©2017

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