Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Poem For International Women's Day by Jaz McKenzie

I believe everyone needs to be in touch with their own power which enables us to be all we want to be. In some ways it's become much easier for women to achieve their dreams however generations of thinking take time to overcome - outcome: many women still put everyone else's needs before their own. In this poem I am not speaking about major achievements from a wordly perspective, but individual major achievements that come from a personal perspective. It is about what you want to do with your life.

International Women's Day
Arise sisters
And feel your power
Every minute, every hour
Of the day
Take your life in hand
And make a stand
By doing things your way
Reach inside
Allow your inner guide
To have its say
Be who you believe in
And start receiving
The brightest day
You are your sunshine
The morning dew
Don't dwell
In the shadow of night
Let apprehension
Take flight
And start each day anew
Jaz McKenzie 2017

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