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Cutting Edge Art by Tim Stocks! Fascinating Exhibition

Chris and Catherine with Tim 
Artist Tim Stocks recently exhibited some of his new works at Brixton Pound, Atlantic Road. I went along to the opening and was thrilled to see Tim’s wonderful paintings displayed to full advantage, grouped in a very complimentary manner; their vibrancy enhanced by the pure, white walls. These bright colours contain a 'power' which hit me upon entering the room as I felt my inner energy immediately re-balance- I can't exactly describe this but it’s a little like the effect you feel in a room of surround sound.
Jackson Pollock in his studio

I believe you really do not need to understand art in order to connect with Tim’s work- you can always ask about it as he enjoys explaining his inspirations, feelings and the importance of individual pictures. Tim is currently entranced with the 'non-colour' black, using it to frame and accentuate aspects of his work. Catherine, visitor and keen supporter of Tim’s work, discussed the use of this with Tim and commented that she was delighted to see evidence of his fast developing trade mark- leaving small areas of the canvas blank to cleverly enhances the picture. A technique expertly incorporated in his painting here entitled 'The Hulk'

Tim has clearly developed a following and this is the third art exhibition of his I have attended. Interestingly the occasional pictures that Tim re-exhibits hit me in a fresh way. This was the case with his ‘Jesus’ picture that represents the crucifix, and having forgotten that it was Jesus- typical with my memory, I felt it totally captured the vibration of triumph also associated with a Phoenix rising from the ashes- which demonstrates Tim’s intent and power to convey his message. Tim also exhibited a painting of Wurzel Gummidge who was obviously in the same style of pose, and yet this gave off a completely different and slightly sinister feel. I was thinking 'scarecrow,' not 'Wurzel-'silly mistake as Tim’s work is usually based around know characters/situations or superbly athletic men! I think my feelings were appropriate in a way given that Wurzel by his very nature is eternally bonded to the pole up his back, however the bird in his apron pocket and nearby children appear totally at ease!

James Last and his Orchestra + Wurzel Gummidge
Political situations are one of Tim’s specialties and on this occasion we visited Isis painting together with the Nazi’s- woooah, daring work! I was very interested in Tim’s hand written descriptions which are key learning points for me. For instance, I had never heard of Baba Vanga, famous for her predictions. 

Pope Francis
On this occasion my favourite painting is undoubtedly James Last and his orchestra. Maybe my musical leanings are marrying up with art! Once again, vibrancy was flowing with a canvas full of people and colour! Tim’s paintings tend to be extremely large on the whole- surprisingly I have managed to house his refugee picture from the last exhibition and am thrilled that Tim is painting the cover illustration for my first ever book, ‘Piranha in the Goldfish Bowl,’ an eclectic mix of thirty poems that will be published later this year. It was exciting discussing ideas regarding the cover- just love Tim’s imagination- Note to self: I’m definitely purchasing that picture!
Baba Vanga
Whilst on the subject of commissions, two of the visitors, Chris and Catherine, mentioned above, as existing customers, took the opportunity to discuss the possibility of Tim painting their family portrait, including the dog, to be given a designated spot in the new family home. How wonderful is that!

If you do have an opportunity to visit  one of Tim’s exhibitions in the future, take it. I know he is due to exhibit in may- details to follow. In the meantime you can check out his works on Facebook and while you’re here, read my previous review featuring more of his paintings- including the Refugees
Atlantic Road, Brixton

The Chelsea Hotel
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