Friday, 26 May 2017

BGT- Age is nothing but a number for The Pensionaires | Britain’s Go...

Britain's Got Talent is one of our most successful TV shows and has gone from strength to strength. Every year the acts become more complex and we really do see things we have never seen before. People are frequently on the edges of their seats for many of the artists and it has become the greatest variety show on earth. People fly from as far away as China to take part yet there are always one or two more simple acts.

The Pensionaires are a wonderful example of people who still want to give it a go and live their dream.These guys are 84 and 75 and have such a special bond that actually took my mind back to Morecombe and Wise. Their song choice was brilliant as was their performance. The audience clearly warmed to them and yes, wouldn't it be wonderful if they won and went on to perform at the Royal Variety Show- I'm sure the Queen would really enjoy this!

The likelihood of that happening might seem far fetched however we are an emotional species and the probablity of this may be a Bookmakers dream or nightmare- I am really not going to guess! Last years winner deserved the title, entertaining us with a highly original programme based around his career in the military. It will be very interesting to see which of this years contestants make the final week and who can pull off the coveted title of 'Winner!'

Jaz McKenzie ~ The Word Magician

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