Thursday, 4 May 2017

Where did the mojo go?

I used to blog about a wide range of things when I started Its Braap. Why? because just about everything is inspirational in some way and the more open we are the more this world speaks to us. With time I have narrowed the blog content somewhat sticking more with arts and entertainment, but my mind is telling me that business and motivation remain the foundation of our lives, so it's time to expand once again!

We need to allow ourselves the freedom of expression in all its forms as without it the mojo goes and it's hard to generate enthusiasm for life. I love this quote from Napoleon Hill and I guess we all hit the wall from time to time- the same one marathon runners face during the course of the race. It is the moment when you sit in front of the computer whilst your fingers are stationery and your mind, a million miles away, assuming you even get as far as the computer in the first place. It's not necessarily writers block, just life dragging us down for a bit whilst we try to re-group all our inner resources and get back on the proverbial horse.

We do not necessarily recognise a shift in our output immediately and are left thinking, 'hang on a minute, when did I last xxxxx? If that's the case, why has it happened? Sometimes practicalities play a part and other times our emotional perspective may have changed causing our mood to dip or worse still, crash.

Sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to discover the cause behind the change. I'm on the cusp of a number of things right now and need to push myself forwards hard because it is time to achieve and not allow procrastination a foothold. I guess there's a little seed called 'fear of failure,' which takes the form of self doubt- how can you possibly achieve what you want just because you have potential? Self-belief and the refusal to look at your current circumstances in favour of the desired outcomes takes some doing. Having been listening to 'Abraham Hicks'- Esther Hicks, check it on youtube, for some time I have come to realise that we can become exactly who we choose to be provided we practice the right mind set. The thing is we need to be consistent and recognise our humanity and the natural desire to give up that may occur. We can be very good at talking ourselves out of things, so it may be time to talk ourselves into things instead, Even when we have a great mindset we need to understand that ups and downs are natural and it is only with practice that we can make any real headway in our bid to control our minds.Mindset is the difference between success and failure- check my page The Word Magician  for regular mini motivational hits on a number of aspects.

The word 'temporary' is key. Recognise that your weakest desires are temporary and admit that they exist. Make sure you allocate the temporary label to them before thinking about where you want to be. As i said to someone yesterday, no mountain is easy to climb so there will be times when we take a breather and lose momentum, but we can take a deep breath and carry on. Giving up is an option however it is the least satisfying thing you could do whereas 'time out' enables new thoughts and ideas to flow which may prove very valuable. It's important to understand that true joy comes from fulfilling our desires and life can prove difficult at times, especially when re-arranging our circumstances to meet desires we may not realise we harbour until a later date. Everything works out in the end so accept your natural state of being and work with yourself; ultimately everything changes and you will become all that you are meant to be.

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