Passion Fruit- That's what we are!! Develop your passions in life

We're full of passion bt how many of us bring it to fruition?

I’ve written quite a bit about passion today as my stream of thought has flowed rapidly. That’s because I followed my passion and started posting, ignoring the lesser need to sleep.
Have you noticed how, when you are tired, if your brain is busy you simply cannot sleep? It can be busy in a positive or negative way – whichever, your thoughts will be driven by something you feel passionately about. This can included any sort of project or relationship whether it’s an exciting announcement, moving house or an inspired idea. I am focusing on the latter.

What is passion?
It is the stirring of emotions which stem from ideas creating desires. Example- You might get the idea that you would like to write a book. This triggers the desire and ideas about the storyline will flow. You become more passionate, jot things down, plan, outline or simply write the book as you feel led. Of course passion is not a solid entity; it’s something we need to feed. Your passion might only last long enough to write two pages, however if you keep thinking about it and working when you can the book will finally emerge. One thing I do know, passions of this type might lie dormant but they never die if they are not fulfilled.

The City of London- a hub of inspiration!

What interferes with passion?
The first obvious reason is lack of spontaneity- when we set something aside with the intention of working on it later. Classically, I can get up in the morning ideas blazing but interrupt this with breakfast or meditation. Yes we need to meditate but shouldn’t cut off creativity in order to do so- a simple mistake really but the key is to follow our intuition. ‘Go with the flow,’ is a popular phrase for a reason, it creates the best result and brings satisfaction. If you have an idea and interrupt it, you risk losing it.

Self doubt can interfere with passion. We have the idea but can’t believe we have the ability to see it through. What, little old me thought of that? I don’t have the money, skills, knowledge for this to amount to anything. Well, if that’s your attitude guaranteed the idea will be plucked from you and given to someone else. I think lots of people have the same idea around the same time and it’s the courageous determined people who will bring it to fruition and be successful.

Feelings of being overwhelmed can block passion. You can start a project and something happens in life that consumes you. Drastic life changes are a classic, simply knowing that so many things need to be done can make you feel inadequate. Illness will have the same effect and another common interference is passion itself. Passion can be a hard taskmaster. Projects become complex beyond our initial conception. Sometimes people cannot are overly motivated and cannot stop working, resulting in sleep deprivation. What actually happens to some people is that they are inspired but involved in a complex project. It cannot be done quickly however their desire is to complete it. This results in them becoming so overwhelmed that they immerse themselves in their passion dissolving all routines as their brain goes into overdrive. Physical health and quality of work will become affected so if that starts to happen you will need to force yourself into a workable routine allowing sufficient sleep, exercise and even food! People have died at their computers- do you remember World of Warcraft Syndrome years back when addicts wouldn’t even get up and go to the toilet; so beware of project addiction- a healthy drive is sufficient.

Allowing yourself to take second place. This is very common. So many of us are in the habit of serving others and we fail to serve ourselves. If you’re always doing favours for people, reconsider. Make space for your projects and fit others around them. Sometimes our ‘favours’ simply advance other people and allow them to indulge in a degree of laziness or free up their time to excel.'Instead of sharing your post, I could be sharing mine'- if we spend a few minutes sharing each others’ posts our time becomes mutually beneficial by increasing the range of both projects.

Fear interferes with passion. We are probably living in some sort of comfort zone which will need to be extended if our passions result in a blaze of success. If your book is published you may need to organise a book launch, advertise your product, make financial investments. You could be plunged into the public eye and experience huge financial success that you are unprepared for! In my case I’m not sure how to publish and have sat on, 'Piranha in the Goldfish Bowl,' my poetry book, for a few years- now is the time though so the book will be published. Overcoming fear is a personal thing and comes with practice. This might sound strange but it’s true. My advice; try to overcome little things and work towards bigger things.

The last thing I want to comment on is other people’s input. Other people will have plenty to say about your passion. Family and friends either believe in it or have genuine reasons for not doing so. A few may be jealous but pay them no mind. If you are really passionate you will attract supporters. Learning who to share ideas with is key to avoiding demoralizing feelings. Find time for your passion and keep working at it- you just don’t know when it will yield results.

Consideration: Most projects take time to develop which helps us harness new skills, beneficial friendships, make a few mistakes and ultimately jump our fair share of hurdles. Projects are ongoing until they conclude. Some are in a time frame and others become our life work. Even projects in time frames tend to lead on to new projects. Passion is part of our nature and essential to feelings of fulfilment. Without passion you will not complete your purpose.

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