It's an Open Secret~ A poem about us all!

We are like stars in the eyes of the universe
Where all that is seen is the beauty of each soul.
An array of unique identities expanded over centuries.
Human form after human form discarded
Its purpose served, our soul returning to fullness of glory,
All recognisable earthly traits eradicated.
No male or female, rich or poor, able and less able.
A quality of existence rooted in, ‘I AM,’ flexed
In the time between worlds where wisdom is at its peak,
A place where knowledge of self cannot be surpassed!
This secret is an open secret shared within the divinity
Existing in one spirit through which all souls connect.
Unity dictates; ultimately we can only be as one.

We desired this earthly experience and opted in
To practice the fullness of all we are and all we know.
But life gets in the way and most of us start on a go-slow,
Programmed by the dictates within our culture-
A blessing and a vulture that strips us of identity
So re-finding our passions and values becomes a necessity
But isn’t self-discovery the ultimate joy?
We question because we’re free- ‘Who am I? What is my purpose?’
You were born knowing the answers that time may reveal.
Every experience perfectly matched to your expectations
Whether you have universal awareness or instinctively create
The law is the law and obeys itself on every level
So journey to the centre of yourself and mirror your truths.

Jaz McKenzie ©2017

 I have become a huge believer in the law of attraction which works for everyone regardless of Religion, awareness or even lack of awareness! When we believe something strongly enough be it positive or negative, it has to happen. However you view yourself in relation to others is personal choice because God/the universe really does not differentiate. We come from the same place and we return to the same place. Unlike many people, I am not a believer in heaven or hell- you can find them here and create them yourself, so I think it best to use your focus with a view to improving your life.

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