Sunday, 3 September 2017

Quotes to Inspire- 'Procrastination' from Abraham Hicks

‘Procrastination is the wisdom to not try to force something you are not vibrationally ready for,’~
Abraham Hicks

Procrastination is something we regard as negative. In fact, when we procrastinate we very often label ourselves ‘lazy.’ The reality is that laziness is far from the truth and in most cases has nothing to do with the situation.

The Abraham’s are saying (a group of spirits who speak through Esther Hicks) that everything happens according to your vibration, therefore if you are not ready for something procrastination is your subconscious response.

Very often we procrastinate through fear and that fear may be connected to a lack of knowledge. The times we move on projects are when we are enthused and can feel all the pieces falling into place. At these times we discover solutions to our ‘fear.’ We might meet the person who has the knowledge to help us, or we are given an opportunity to help us move forwards.

If you find yourself procrastinating it is worthwhile asking, 'why?' If you don’t find the answer, you might do best to leave it- it will come to you later. If you need a certain resource, ask for it and when the time is right it will appear. Above all, revel in the knowledge that universal timing is everything.

Supposing you ask for wealth and you have an action in mind to create that wealth. If something stops you taking it ask yourself, ‘How do I really feel about money? Do I have the ability to handle large sums of money? Would I feel confident hiring an accountant or brokers to help with investments?’ These are fundamental to being happy with money and once you work through these question and feel at ease with them you will find the motivation to move ahead. We so often know what we would do if we won millions but the reality is it’s hard to be happy with something you don’t have experience of, hence many people blow their millions and return to their comfort zone.

Procrastination can occur because you have several different ideas in opposing directions and are not sure which to run with. Time will clarify. Besides a little clarity regarding the ideas, you may need to develop other traits such as self-worth, self confidence or specific skills before you can proceed.

Finally it’s worth treating procrastination as your friend because it can help you to avoid costly mistakes- financial and personality wise. I have procrastinated a great deal over the years, usually with the knowledge that I am not yet competent. I used to feel badly about procrastinating but now I accept it as a sign, understanding that the joy of procrastination lies in the knowledge that when things come to fruition I will be able to understand life’s timing. I believe this to be a good approach and something it's worth your while considering.

Jaz McKenzie~ The Word Magician 
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