Thursday, 4 January 2018

Happy New Year... Time to re-align.

We've all said it more than a few times so for the last time, HAPPY NEW YEAR! We're rapidly approaching the fifth day of the month so the question is, 'how are you feeling now we're settling into 2018?' Did you begin as you mean to go on or have your resolutions already fallen by the wayside?

I started the new year on my own. This is because last year was hard having just moved into my flat and the unfamiliarity of it all left me feeling quite down. I was exhausted at the time and didn't choose to party so instead I did the midnight thing and crawled into bed. For that reason and the fact I'm not brilliant with my own company, I decided to have a really good night home alone this yeat! Without going into detail it was brilliant and i felt as if I'd been out partying so that's a pretty good achievement heralding the breakthrough of a psychological barrier- yes, a resolution resolved.

A question for you: Do you regard the new ywae as a new start or an opportunity to build on your successes of 2017?  Following the holiday festivities this is actually a good time for some of us to reflect before rushing headlong into plans for 2018. If you have a five year plan and are on course, congratulations! If not you may need to tweak some things or possibly take a different approach to your life. You really don't have to start something straight away just because it's a new year. Why give up sweets if the last box of chocolates is looking at you? Everything is about attitude of mind and if we are too strict with ourselves we can attract failure. It is good to allow a little flexibility example being: last year, instead of giving up sweets, I just stopped buying them. This meant I hardly ate any all year and funnily enough I didn't even miss them. Trying to focus more on healthy eating probably helped.. 

Whatever changes you decide to make, be easy on yourself. You can always start small and build up. Rather than taking out a gym membership straight away you can ease into exercise. Once you do a little something regularly you are more likely to use the gym because you have proved to yourself that you can be consistent.Understand your triggers- when you work well and what makes you tick or is a great motivator. Sometimes we do need to push ourselves in order to achieve and can appreciate the rewards of our efforts.

We can choose any area of our lives to concentrate on when making resolutions or straight forward goals. Having looked at health and developing talents previously, this year I'm opting for something different so my key focus is to have fun and enjoy life- lighten up a bit and go with the flow. Life is always for living and we make decisions every day- sometimes we do well and at others we deviate slightly but whatever happens, don't be hard on yourself; be forgiving and loving and let the magic happpen.

Jaz McKenzie~ The Word Magician 

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