Thinking beyond our current experience

Just recently my Facebook feed has been full of loss and on top of that, I was shocked to discover the loss of two people I knew in the airplane accident in Sydney on New Year's Eve. An eleven year old child I had known as a baby, along with her Mother. Our natural response is to ask why? Especially when people are well and happy, full of plans or ambition. The other big why the newsfeed throws up is, 'why do people have to suffer so much illness?'

There are people who will happily answer these questions, some with gloom and doom, some from various religious perspectives and others who have definite views about the state of the world and views about the afterlife. Whatever your beliefs, when we lose people we love or see them suffering we feel it deeply. Our beliefs may comfort us but can not erase our pain.

Having heard many opinions during my lifetime I am drawn to the point of view that we undergo a transition from earthly life to spiritual life which I prefer to the more final term, 'death.'. Whilst here we can only consider opinions that resonate with us and we are free to accept and question as we choose. I was brought up a christian (C.of E. and later attended the Baptist church,) however I don't get on with many of the fundamentals including the concepts of heaven and hell. Hell sounds horrific and I can't imagine a loving God sending anyone there whilst the idea of residing in heaven singing with the angels in glorification of God terrified me- you have no idea how much! Nowadays I subscribe to the idea that we go on to an eternal plane and can choose whether to stay there or decide to revisit earth in a new form. I am sure that many people will disagree however I find the idea that we have choice comforting and prefer it to the concept of resting in eternal peace- that's a huge no no so please don't wish that on me ever!

As human beings we are so alive, so creative and that is where our joy often lies, therefore I believe we will have the opportunity to expand our abilities. I am not psychic and would not choose to be but I believe we benefit from tuning into our higher selves through meditation and by paying more attention to our feelings. We naturally hope that sick people will get better and many do, but everyone has their time as we can't remain here forever and we need to acknowledge that. When we lose people we may feel their presence in the coming months and years, often subscribing to the idea that people who have gone before are looking out for us. I am sure that people do stay around while we need them however  it is quite possible that spirits need to move on too. The idea that we can return to  earth to have different experiences that stretch us in different ways is very interesting. There are many people who believe we only have one life but the more we consider the purpose of recycling, why not recycle ourselves? I have learnt a great deal about myself recently- more in the last five years than I would have thought possible, so multiply that in essence by a few lifetimes and the result would be quite mind blowing. 

The most important thing we can do is to draw our own conclusions and feel happy with our beliefs. When we develop beliefs that suit us it settles our mind and if the beliefs have positive aspects we can probably cope better with grief. We need to adapt which can be terrifying, especially if we suddenly find ourselves alone, so prepare your mind to face the inevitable and try to make the most of each day.

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