Sunday, 4 February 2018

Quotes To Inspire- Buddah


What we have hear is a partial quote from Buddah which contains 100% truth. 

What are you afraid of? The most common answers are probably things like failure, the unknown, loneliness, old age, poverty, sickness or even major success and responsibility. In fact, there are so many things we could write a long list, but how long our personal lists become is up to us. Every fear we label is a condition of some sort which is good because conditions allow for re-conditioning. We do have extreme fears which are paranoia, but even these can be overcome and we can uncover the cause if we dig deep.

Let's begin with failure. Failure can be defined in many ways and this term can be eradicated according to definition. Failure can be seen as the springboard to success, failure being a brilliant teacher provided we allow it to inspire renewed action.

The unknown- everything's unknown before it becomes familiar. If we embrace the unknown as a space full of potential we will fill it with positive expectations. Yes we need to adjust many things. Here is a minor example but it felt huge at the time. I remember moving right to the edge of London and it took me six months to adjust. Everything was strange having been living in busy Tooting and yet shops, gyms and even the library were a short walk away! For some reason though, I felt lost.

The key to challenging our fears is to break them down into bite sized chunks. There are always actions available to help us work through any situation and these are the solutions. Fear is often a natural extension of worry so many of our fears are groundless or not fully realised.

I believe we were born fearless. Children don't naturally show fear very easily, certainly not regarding  new situations and personal development! Children like the familiar so will often cry when in different situations such as daycare, but they do not fear them in advance. Children learn to walk, talk, feed themselves and so forth as they develop. They do not worry about how they look or how long it takes them, Yes children will cry at the unexpected but that is reactionary fear that teaches caution- not the same as the type of fear we create for ourselves. Fear will usually arise with knowledge and can kick in as a gut reaction, but overall we can take a positive approach to fear as usually it indicates the possibility of a giant leap forwards!

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