Thursday, 8 November 2018

'Singing in the Rain'- Photo by Maurice Sparrow.

I literally haven't blogged since July, however, I was thinking it's time to start back when one of my favourite photographers, Maurice Sparrow, posted this beautiful photo of a Kingfisher entitled, 'Singing in the Rain.'

This was one opportunity I couldn't pass by, looking at such beauty and perfection. Sometimes that's what it takes and words flowed just like the stream of raindrops above.


No rain will ruffle my feathers, 
for I stand proud.
No wind can rock me off my perch;
I'll open my beak and sing out loud.
'I am as beautiful as the sun
rising in the sky.
I know my worth!
And the storm can't make me cry.
By the time the sun sets
My feathers will be dry
And peace will be restored.'

Jaz McKenzie 2018

These words are not just those of a humble Kingfisher; they are the words of a warrior, that is, those who know what it really takes to live this life and push on through. Our feathers will become ruffelled from time to time. Sometimes we feel as if one bad thing happens after the next, but like the Kingfisher we must allow the water to roll off our feathers and drain away. We know the sun shines tomorrow and a little rain can be very refreshing, creating contrast. Appreciation truly is a product of contrast. Imagine how less appealing the Kingfisher would look if he were all one colour! It is worth recognizing that life is as much about contrast as is good photography.

Big 'thank you' to Maurice for allowing me to use his photo. It added far more than a splash of joy to my day.

Jaz McKenzie~ The Word Magician

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