Love Latin Vibes? Love Hip Hop? New mixtape available now from Robyn and Tiago

Time to meet Robyn & Tiago, an independent due who have just released their new Mixtape which arrived along with a few accolades from the USA!

In this special Mixtape Robyn & Tiago are bringing us their uniquely 'Latin Influenced' Hip/Hop vibes and you will find the current popular Latin flavour very evident, especially in the title track, 'Know Your Worth.'  The Mixtape has been released on the Duo's own record label (also titled 'Know Your Worth;' ) which gives a very clear message of the high quality these young artists are aiming to achieve. As you would expect, Robyn and Tiago have written and produced all their music in a project close to their hearts that was undertaken in their own recording studio. 

By now you are probably asking, 'Why: Know Your Worth?' This isn't just a statement or piece of advice, it is a conclusion the Duo have reached as a result of their personal journeys, the course of which weaves through the Mixtape as Robyn and Tiago reveal the struggles they faced growing up and the process of finding themselves. The pair have reached the conclusion that family is more about loyalty than blood ties and that loyalty makes you family. Their key message is that whatever you go through in life, once you know your own worth you should never give up on your dreams. 

Robyn and Tiago are beginning to attract some recognition. Towards the end of 2018 they attended the UK Glamour awards at Spearmint Rhino and The Essex TV awards on the same evening! Following this they recently announced via social media that they have a new TV show coming out on Essex TV called Robyn & Tiago Meets... where they will interview various celebrities, sports stars & musicians, offering advice along with the secret to success. This is definitely a show to include in your viewing schedule. 

The Duo have a couple more things that will be coming up soon in the pipeline. They will be heading back to their second home in LA  to shoot hot new music videos with the team and to work with some outstanding producers. Here in the UK the are planning to hit the road and tour - dates to be announced soon, so keep an eye on their social media @RobynTiago 

In summary, Robyn & Tiago are a hard working pair who have one aim and that's to use their platform to make a difference.

Know Your Worth Mixtape now available for purchase on all digital platforms worldwide.