The secret to life- Perfect Timing!

'Don't play with your Food!' Maurice Sparrow- photographer
You may not appreciate times when life seems to go wrong but it really is a matter of timing. I'm sure if we asked photographer Maurice Sparrow, he would tell us that for every perfect shot he has taken a succession of shots not to his liking. I know from back in the day when we had a modelling agency that you can take over 100 shots to find the one you're looking for- not a waste of time, more, a necessity.

This Kingfisher is inordinately beautiful. He is relaxed and as Maurice says, playing with his food. That fish is being skilfully tossed around prior to the big swallow! Isn't this what life does to us when it's busy lining something up? How many frogs do we kiss before finding the prince? How many interviews before the big job offer? How many jobs before we realise our destiny lies in a different direction? None of it is wasted time, it is preparation or 'schooling' so that we are in a position to cope at the right time, or able to recognise  a person or situation for what it truly is.

Timing is an art. Very obvious where music, dance, engineering and other such things are concerned. But we are emotional beings so we constantly question things- which is good and part of the learning process. Some questions are rhetorical, even pitiful; 'why did that have to happen to me?' Being spoken without thought, reactionary questions. But there usually comes a time when you have to ask 'why,' especially if patterns repeat themselves. We cannot necessarily improve our timing but we can improve our use of time. We can use it: to learn new skills, for emotional education, to explore opportunities, possibly counselling and so forth. We can work towards our goals knowing that if we do our part with dedication and consistency everything will fall into place at the right time.

Maurice is an excellent photographer and if you care to go to his webpage you will see famous faces. What you will not see are these beautiful, delicate shots. A love of birds is clearly his passion. When we take time to acquire talents they can serve us in many different ways. Maurice's passion feeds into my inspiration. This is not the first picture to captivate me so I'll share my previous little Kingfisher blog. Last time through poetry, this time an idea. Both blogs were written immediately as thoughts flowed but on other occasions blogging has taken several hours; it just depends what is being presented.

Back to the now- enjoy every minute of your day and understand that we all have perfect timing in our lives. Ahhh more inspiration!

Don't play with your food!
And Mama said, 'Don't play with your food- it's rude
Be a good boy, eat it up like you should.
So you don't like peas? 
I see them squashed between your knees!
Is that broccoli in the fish tank? Oh no! that's rank.
From the plate to the fork and the fork to the mouth
Pop it right in before it goes south
And lands on the floor- what was that?
You want more- chips? Huh, fast food goes fast
Healthy is a no go, but you'll have to eat your fish
and your PEAS right now or No NO NO
What Mama says is how it's gonna go
Mama knows best. Finish it now- go.

Jaz McKenzie~ The Word Magician