Maxi Priest - I'm Alright (feat. Shaggy) (Official Music Video)

Sometimes, when a song has such a great feel good factor I just have to share it! 'I'm Alright' is definitely one of those songs musically and lyrically. It doesn't matter who you are, you are alright and, with a determined attitude, you can get through any situation.

Our power lies within and we have the power to set ourselves free from everything in this life that is holding us back. Music plays a very important part in lifting our vibration so that we can find the good place we seek and from that place more good comes. If you find yourself in a position where you feel uncomfortable ask yourself why? Who are you listening to? That really is a key question because we tend to listen to others more than ourselves. Be bold, put your voice first. Do not be in bondage when you can free yourself. Sometimes we are held back through complying with public opinion, friends opinions or internal forces such as apprehension, fear of failure and so forth. Do what it takes to move ahead. Lift your mood before examining a situation to prevent the downside from clouding your view. If you want to progress you must view your life from the upside, so playing a track like this sets the intention whilst lifting your spirits.

Freedom of mind is an entitlement that many fail to recognise or claim. We can let go of worry and view positive solutions, even if this means mentally over-riding our current circumstances. Nowadays, when I start to worry I put a stop to it as quickly as possible and you can do this by thinking about something else. Life has a way of working out, so expect it to work out for the best and you will see an overall improvement. When I started this blog I created a series called, 'Live Life~ Love Life,' and still stand by that sentiment. Play this track a few times, feel great and enjoy yourself- after all, why be miserable when we have a choice? I'm alright guys and trust that you are too!

Jaz McKenzie~ The Word Magician

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