Sunday, 7 June 2020

FONZi NeuTRON - Bounce Dat (Official Video) 2020

Oh My Word... I'm finally feeling summer's arrived! We've been confined for such a long time, so I wish I'd realised sooner that this fun-filled track from artist Fonzi Neutron has been up on YouTube since April. It's a fantastic workout video that we could easily use to accompany our daily exercise routine.

I particularly like the fun aspect within the video. It brings a little bit of quirky humour and we can certainly see the ladies getting jiggly to it! I think it's just what we need to lift our spirits during these uncertain times- let's skip the word unprecedented, it's been done to the point of boredom and I'm not a politician. I love the way Fonzi pokes fun at himself by wearing a blue wig, which instantly brought Andre 3000 to mind. In fact, this video generates atmosphere and energy in a similar way to OutKast's 'The way you move,' There is fluidity across the set and fitness elements exhibited from the humble hula hoop to push-ups. The fact that everything isn't executed perfectly is just so much fun- whatever you do to this song you will not fail! And please, observe people's expressions- priceless.

As a song, Bounce Dat certainly passes the test for a great summer tune. You can imagine it blasting from fast cars on a hot day and it conjours up the same timeless feel as 'Get Jiggy With It'- Will Smith. I think it's important to realise that the feeling a song generates is what makes that song memorable so that it sticks with you, especially where seasonal hits are concerned as they are often based on common familiar experiences, formerly beaches and barbecues to our current obsession with the gym.

For me, Bounce Dat has all the ingredients required for a hit record and this song can be found on Fonzi's latest album, DROP ZONE. Take a listen here on Fonzi's Spotify

Jaz McKenzie~ The Word Magician 

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