Guided Meditation For Strength- and a few thoughts!

Right now we are living in a world we barely recognise; a world in which we are severely restricted on many levels. Whatever the cause may be, we are left to cope with it and have to learn to operate in a new society that has stripped many of our freedoms and livelihoods.

So how can we go about re-asserting ourselves? The answer is always to look inwards before we turn outwards. Every idea that ever came into being started from within; the solutions to the current situation come from within; the solutions to your own peace of mind and future come from within.

Some of us have a full understanding of this process and practice connecting with our inner resources through prayer and meditation. When we are 'still in mind,' we become receptive to the true power of God, the Universe or however we choose to regard this amazing force, ultimate power and eternal vibration that helps us maintain a sound state of mind and offers assurance that all will be well.

There are so many meditations available but I have chosen to share this particular meditation which moves at a good pace, is well guided and allows uninterrupted space to go deep within and connect with the inner you. I try to meditate every day, and sometimes it's easy whereas, on other occasions, my mind is noisy and has difficulty settling. If you try to meditate and it's not working, don't waste your time. Find something else to do as you can always return to meditation later in the day. When the mind is anxious you may prefer to tune into music or the radio to create a different focus that actively occupies the space where your worries exist.

Over the years I have realised the importance of increasing my vibration, or current level of feeling, when I am in a low mood or feeling angry, anxious etc. You can hold onto bad feelings or acknowledge the depth of them, allow them to breathe and replace them with something better when you're ready. If you think- bad feeling- let's replace it now, you cannot process it and your body will absorb it, so you must allow yourself space to work through your feelings but do avoid over-analysing them.

I really enjoy meditation and often compliment it with candles and incense to create a special focused time. If you want to find out how to expand and gain more from meditation there are plenty of experts you can find on the internet. I haven't studied meditation at all and operate at a fairly basic level, however, I find I can still unwind and often receive ideas when in a meditative state.

If you haven't tried meditating before, have a go and be kind to yourself. Most of us find that our minds are inclined to wander but. like everything else, you will improve with practice. It is also worth checking out little 8 minute chakra meditations where you can just focus on the colour displayed- very simple and that's where I started. Whether you meditate or not, make time each day to enjoy something you like doing- me time is key time! Enjoy your day~ Jaz