The Culture Rock Griot- New blog presented by Samantha Hollins

 We are all adjusting to living in a world that has been steam-rollered over by the Corona Virus. This disease has caused so much havoc that many of us are in the position of adapting and creating new ways forward.

Samantha Hollins, aka Ghetto Songbird, is an extremely talented artist who lives with her family in Philadelphia. I mention her family because this is fundamental to Samantha's lifestyle, having become a fantastic roll model not only to musicians and career people, but to anyone who enjoys witnessing a strong family foundation.   

Samantha is a Rock Singer/Guitarist whose presence on stage is extremely powerful and captivating; you can feel her vibes years later- I think powerful energy quite literally embeds within us. Returning to the Pandemic, one of the many issues is the decline in live performance; nowadays live performances across the arts are very few and far between. So many have moved online, including dance, poetry and other art forms. Sadly, I have heard that Facebook are going to stop these live streams. I don't know if this is fact or rumour, but, if it goes ahead, Facebook are virtually abdicating their moral responsibility towards contributing to improved mental health and people's general sense of well-being; when they really should be leading the way.

Lecture over, Samantha is very much a pioneer so instead of worrying too much about the present situation, she has taken a new direction employing her extensive knowledge of Rock combined with excellent writing skills to create her own unique platform:  The Culture Rock Griot Just to give you an idea, I'll quote Samantha's mission for you: 'All Hail the ancestral energy of Rock-n-Roll! My mission is to roll out the black-studded carpet and illuminate the smoke-eyed spotlight on African Diaspora Rockers' past, present and future. 

Now you understand, I'm not going to review the blog, suffice it to say, Samantha has many brilliant connections, she previously toured African and is more than qualified to present both artists and projects that will fill a void in many-a Rock fan's knowledge and pave the way towards a better future. I really hope you enjoy this 'magazine' and add 'The Culture Rock Griot' to your favourites!

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