Inside Spaghetti Junction- What's inside our minds? Intro to a new series.


The inside of our minds are incredibly complex; just like Spaghetti Junction as pictured above. Spaghetti Junction is a famous landmark in Birmingham, UK, where motorists notoriously would lose their way back in the day. I'm trusting that the signage is far better these days! Where our minds are concerned, there is no signage, they're in free-flow and generally are in accord with our moods and expectations. Sometimes, when we're not really focused on anything specific, we receive thoughts as 'light bulb moments.' At other times we may be pondering some aspect of life in great depth and new thoughts occur to us. Either way, I think it could be interesting to share our ideas.

Our minds are filled with a million thoughts, many of which seem very original.  We know that this is unlikely as we frequently discover people who have similar ideas, but I think that sometimes it's good to share and by doing so we can stimulate our thinking. Some of the thoughts we have seem crazy and off the scale, they're more a flash of inspiration, whereas others can be quite profound. Regarding the actual number of thoughts we have per day, this varies significantly as studies offer a wide range between 50-70K. Either way, it's mind boggling to know how busy our brains actually are.

Everything begins with a thought as we all know, and programmes such as Dragon's Den have boomed in popularity. These programmes are focused on new ideas, improvements to existing products etc. You Tube and Pod Casts are littered with new thinking- some of it very original and others expanding existing ideas. New thoughts can lead to new practice or simple shrivel up! Evidently once a thought has been 'thunk' it never disappears- that word works for me!

To get Inside Spaghetti Junction stared I will be sharing a couple of my self-challenging thoughts, but to make this series boom, I think it would be great if you could share some of your ideas too. That way we can all comment and expand our thinking. If you would like your ideas to appear on Spaghetti Junction, Its Braap, please send them with a photo of yourself to either of the Facebook groups listed below or my instagram account: jazmckenzietwm

My vision for this series is that we can have some good discussions in the comments beneath the posts, which could be quite eye-opening as this audience is very diverse. Obviously everything posted must be respectful towards others so will be subject to moderation. Thank you in anticipation!

All shares and comments, especially directly under the post are appreciated!

Jaz McKenzie~ The Word Magician

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