People In Motion~ A Poem by Jaz McKenzie & Supporting Text



I was who I was, and I am who I am,

Tomorrow I'll be who I'll be.

Eternally changing, the nature of life-

Can't get stuck in a rut, that's not me!

So much to learn, inwardly digest

When you're really striving to be your best.

Life is a challenge

And that's the raw truth.

So focus on life, don't just live off the hoof!

Focus means learning to embrace

The rough along with the smooth.

With each new situation we face

We have to find ways to improve.

So give thanks for everything you've learnt

And the lessons that are to come.

Try to do better than your best

Keep running my friend, just run.

In his own way Forrest Gump displayed

The power of moving to flow.

He set out on a journey

To destination ZERO.

But started a phenomena 

Creating national appeal,

Proving people's imagination

Is unquestionably real.

Living in the moment releases the mind

And lets your superconscious work-

New avenues to find.

Connecting you with people

Who can help your dreams come true.

Meditate, relax, let go;

Let your inner power flow through.

And now a quick little thought on everyday talk 

That drives me up the wall.

I am who I am, and will be who I'll be

By following my own call.

Previously known as ages and stages 

Now highly jargonised.

'In words' and 'Key words' are all the rage.

Everything has been revised.

Everyone speaks of 'best version.'

It's become soooo cliche, 

Another common expression

That the 'woke' 'sheeple' say!

You're not a version of yourself.

How could that ever be?

Because you are simply you...

and I am simply me-

Unless, of course, 

You're suffering from multi- personalities--- HEEELLLPPP!!

Jaz McKenzie 2022©

I haven't shared a poem in a very long while. I started writing this earlier in the week and just finished it today as Sunday is my deadline. Must congratulate myself for posting regularly even if it is only one post per week. As I said previously, time is at a premium and self- praise, essential! 

Understanding yourself is a process and a key element of the journey I have described above. Being British I have had to practice self praise whereas the Americans are pretty good at it. As a child I would have been reprimanded for, 'blowing my own trumpet!' That's a little conflicting really but I guess it is based on biblical teaching, the meek shall inherit the earth. I say this because traditionally the UK has been a church oriented kingdom... yes, the King set the tone. Please don't tell me that the similar applies to other countries, I know, and being meek does not mean we ignore our strengths- we should celebrate our achievements. Hope that makes sense!

I wrote 'People In motion' to encourage us all to look at what we do, what we say, how we envision ourselves, and the reference to Forrest Gump came from somewhere deep inside proving this is what happens when we open our minds and go with the flow. I cannot express enough how important it is to develop this skill to the point of it becoming a habit. Forrest was simple minded and set out on a journey which captured people's imaginations. Yes, it was funny, however, Forrest actually created a mini community who were happily running along to nowhere, which was a form of therapy really, so he unintentionally found and served his people if only for a short while.

Credit Michael Nolan 

Previously I have studied the four stages of learning and there is no doubt that the majority of things we need to learn have to be done through practice; there are no shortcuts. Interestingly, many of us have reading levels typical of young adults as we do not actively improve our reading skills. This is known as speed reading, which is a skill that would help us study or research throughout our lives rendering it essential if we wish to maximise our time. Of course, video and audio have helped considerably in that area.

I'll finish here because I think the rest of the poem speaks for itself. I hope you took something away to reflect on and it will have had a positive impact.

All shares and comments, especially directly under the post are appreciated!

Jaz McKenzie~ The Word Magician

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